Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beautiful Water of the High Place-Winnipisseoke

Way back when, (circa 1632) at the height of the Algonquian Indian life in central New Hampshire, the village of Aquedoctan, was the largest village in the Northeast. It is from this tribe that our beautiful lake received its name. Now known as Lake Winnipesaukee.

With 183 miles of shoreline, an area of 71.8 square miles (45,952 acres), dimensions at 91/2 miles wide by 21 miles long, an altitude of 504 feet, and a flotilla of islands often estimated at 365, our Lake ranks very high among the world's inland waters.

One of the neatest ways to enjoy the lake is on the S. S. Mt. Washington. The original S.S. a side paddle steamship, was built in 1872. In its heyday it carried as many as 60,000 per season (approx Mid April-November depending on the “Ice Out”-future posting-we have little esle to do during the winter months, so we find inane things to gamble on.)

Sadly in 1939 a fire destroyed the S.S. as well as the surrounding railroad station. Within a year a new boat was purchased and reconstructed and the S. S. II was launched on August 15, 1940. Today of course it is not powered by steam, sadly and is slightly larger that the original. It was actually cut in half and had the section added to the middle. During the peak season they host dinner cruises with live music. Watch yourself with cruising and partaking in adult beverages. One man fell off this past fall during an evening cruise and drowned.

This is the view that is behind the ship at it's winter docking station in Ctr. Harbor, NH. Not to shabby heh!

The summer dock for the S. S. is at the other end of the lake in a little place called Weirs Beach (aka Wierd Beach to some of us). It has an old fashioned boardwalk with arcades, shabby eateries and lots of people watching. I spent many days and evenings there in my youth. It is almost a right of passage for teenagers in the area.

Once a year 400 thousand motorcyclists descend and close the place down for a week. For us "hicks" all of that rowdiness and flesh is mind boggling, especially when you are a teenager. It is like going to a burlesque show and not having to pay a cover!

Guys hold signs up everywhere that say "show us your tits" and even get brazen enough to walk right up to your car (when they were allowed down the blvd) to try to coax you into it! Surprisingly it isn't the bikers who do this it is the locals! Again, too much time on our hands?!

Oh, you didn't want to see the undersized, hairy nipples did ya.. Ok here ya go
See something for everybody (especially for you Old K). Well that concludes our tour of a small part of Lake Winnipesaukee and a bit of deviation and degradation in the Weirs.


Old Knudsen said...

I feel honoured to have been mentioned in yer first two posts, you obviously understand greatness. You have made the sacrifice of a titty pic so I feel a link coming on. Remember, a great man once said, "its only blogging".

Dear Prudence said...

I bow before you Olk K, humbled by your prowess of the Bloggesphere. However, I hope by doing so I don't end up in the same position as you and foot eater. That would require the purchase of a strap-on and I might ruin ya for him!

dive said...

Beautiful lake, beautiful ship; I was about to sort out my air fare and come over when it all went tits up.
America in the raw can be a bit much for us uptight, repressed British types.

Dear Prudence said...

Dive, I agree about the Lake. Tits up? Isn't that what you've been looking for in all of your dating blogs? (couldn't resist)
My neighbors might agree as BBQing on the deck necked seems to be an issue for them. Go figure! Maybe they are also British. Perhaps one should wear an apron. Yeah that must be it.

Sassy Sundry said...

Oh dear. You had to go and mention Bike Week.

That damn Mount Washington's horn used to scare the Bejesus out of me when I worked as a lifeguard.

Dear Prudence said...

Sassy, so your Bejesus has suffered so! I know but it was kind of a natural progression of sorts to mention bike week.

Old Knudsen said...

Strap on? I'm a salty seman I can take anything. A fine start to blogging that Sassy can sure pick em, I suspect she is quite the hell raiser in Real life herself, your blogging public demands tits and embarrassing stories, or both.
Well thats what they told me they wanted.

Dear Prudence said...

Of Sassy and her "hellish" behavior I will protect her Dirty Little Secrets as long as I live. Thanks for the compliment. Perhaps I will share one day my dating adventures, one of which included a Cross Dresser. Where do they hide their luggage?