Thursday, January 18, 2007

Teenage Heartthrobs & Barry Manilow

Growing up I can remember my parents censoring some of the shows and music we were able to watch, as they believed it too “racy” for us, specifically, The Tom Jones Show, At the tender age of 10, there were too many innuendos and semi naked women. The Sonny and Cher show was also censored although we were allowed to watch a good majority of it. Having said that, it got me thinking of how much things have changed in the last 30 years and what has become “acceptable” in the realm of music, lyrics and a teenagers’ perspective of love songs, heartthrobs and idols.

For me, during the end of the age of Free Love and the schmaltz of the 70’s, my idols were considered quite tame at the time. I though I would share what my bedrooms walls were papered with and those of my 17 year old daughters. For me it was theses guys:

Pretty much clean-cut, wholesome looking, pop idols that mom didn’t object to. Their music was not overly suggestive, you know “Bubble Gum Music”, the things that spoke loudly to a pubescent girl, looking for her one and only. They sang of tenderness, devotion, and made love seem oh so sweet.

The biggest rebel of course was Jim! I actually have my mother to blame for my idolization of that Sex God. I would sit for hours and listed to her Doors alums. It was really the only “out there” album she owned. So, when I put his neked-chested poster on my wall she didn’t really say much.

In my daughters room you can find the following:

and I am not talking about a couple of posters, she has wallpapered her room with magazine cut out, posters and anything else she can get her hands on .

Now lets talk lyrics! Her music is raunchy, sometimes assaultive and not a bit “romantic”, or at least not in this 44 year- olds opinion. Here is a small comparison:

Last night, I said goodbye Now--it seems year I'm back in the city Where nothing is clear But thoughts of me --holding you Bringing us near And tell me When will our eyes meet When can I touch you When will this strong yearning end And when Will I hold you again

Eminem's rollin', D an' them rollin'.Boo an' Oh Marvelous an' them rollin'.Women just hoin'.Big booty rollin'.Soon I be all in them an' throwin D.Hittin' no less than 3.Block will style like wee, wee.Girl, I can tell you want me, 'cause lately. I feel you creepin', I can see you from my shadow.Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo.Maybe go to my place and just kick it, like Taebo.And possibly bend you over.Look back and watch mesmack that, all on the floor,smack that, give me some more,smack that, 'till you get sore


I'm sleepingAnd right in the middle of a good dreamLike all at once I wake upFrom something that keeps knockin' at my brain.Before I go insane I hold my pillow to my headAnd spring up in my bedScreaming out the words I dread:"I think I love you!"


it's five in the morning and im up havin phone sex wit u u (so horny)and now im on the hotline over here lustin for u u (so horny)lets talk about sex babylets talk about u and melets talk about bubbles in the tublets talk about makin lovelets talk about u on top or me goin downand lets have a lil phone sex baby on the hotline

I sometimes cringe when I get home and hear that kind of thing blaring out of my Bose speakers. I have talked with her about respect, decency and real love. She says she understands but I can’t help but wonder what effect it will have long term on her perspectives.


What was covering your walls during your teenage years?

Well that it for today's Meanderings. Have a great weekend everyone and see ya Monday!


Sassy Sundry said...

Nothing covered my walls. You know my parents. But I had a real thing for Paul Westerberg and Evan Dando (of the Lick years). I still like Paul Westerberg. Oh, and I had a crush on Larry Mullen Jr of U2, because he was so quiet and shy.

Old Knudsen said...

Mostly jizz, I was a busy boy.

dive said...

Okay, so I jumped about a foot, but I managed to stifle the scream.
DON'T start a post with a photo of Manilow!
I'm at the age where I could drop dead at that kind of shock.

I'm with you on lyrics, but I'm with your daughter, too. I love any and all music as long as it's done with passion and not some kind of record company product (or power ballads or light operetta - those things are EVIL).

When I was a kid my walls were all Beatles. As a teenager, it was Patti Smith, William Burroughs et al.
And lots of black paint when punk came along.
Oh, and the smell of mary jane.
God, you're making me all nostalgic now.

You have a spiffy weekend, Prudence. Enjoy your lakey paradise.

And your labels are scary …

Dear Prudence said...

Sassy I can dig it and I agree with you about baby face Mullens. Gotta watch out for those quiet, shy types!
Old K, somehow that doesn't surprise me! Had you however had posters on your wall you could have used them for target practice!

Dive- Sorry for the shock. It was really meant to represent the opposite ends of the spectrum! I also enjoy some rap, mostly people like Will Smith, some Eminem and some others. Having grown up listening to music that you could actually understand the words to, today’s rappers makes it difficult for these 44 year old ears to understand what they are saying until I have heard the song 44 times! They say you slow down as you get older but no one ever told me it affects your ears too! I also had the Abby Road poster in my room and spent many hours playing their music on my suitcase phonograph as well as the Mammas and Pappas (God rest Denny), The Association, Louie Armstrong, The Loving Spoonfuls and many others.
We have inherited your wind although not to the degree it pummeled you! Only 45 mile an hour gusts today.

Have a great weekend yourselves!

Sassy Sundry said...

Oh, and Jim Morrison's lyrics weren't exactly squeaky clean, lady. Back-door man?

I read a study once that said that in terms of drug use, promiscuity, and other such things considered troubling behavior by morally inclined people, the kids of the 70s were the worst. Don't believe it when people say "kids today..."

Old Knudsen said...

I hate rappers and the subculture they subscribe to.
if one of my kids did a gang sign at me and called me G they would get a gat in their face, I'd say 'act the white man' which is an expression, and leave yer crotch alone.

kids today, don't know they're born.

Kate Isis said...

My walls were covered in a yellow flowered wall paper. I now hate yellow.
As for band posters and boys.... oh god do I admit that I grew up in the era before George Michaels came out of the closet? Hmmm, all that blow dried hair. Cringe.

Being a youth worker in a residential unit I get to hear all of today music until I reach for the headache tablets. In my job it helps to keep up with what the kids are listening to so you don't appear terminally old when they start talking about it and you give them the "huh" face.

Robyn said...

Even though I was sometimes allowed to watch some pretty raunchy TV (Love American Style for one), I was not allowed to listen to anything beyond The Lettermen (unless I sneaked it and listened to pop radio when my parents weren't around). So I wasn't allowed to have anything on my walls. When I was really little, I had clown pictures, and then later a huge poster of a baby lion. What a neglected childhood.

I can't say that I like all music. I'm with Old Kudson when it comes to rejecting rapp culture. I reject the depiction of women--and as Old K says, leave your crotch alone.