Thursday, January 25, 2007

Walking round' in Womens Underwear

Ok so the title was just to snag old K's attention.

I really just wanted to share some pictures of what New Hampshire typically looks like during the winter. Not that it looks that way this winter. Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Enjoy!

Short and sweet I know but things are really busy here today and I am taking tomorrow off to do some "Reconnecting" (thanks Sassy for the inspiration). Have great weekend everyone!

P.S. Sorry, I'm just not that mean.. this is for Old K


dive said...

Wowee! Prudence, those are BEAUTIFUL (… er … I meant the landscape ones …)

Round here, the fields are just mud with bits of melting snowdrift piled up untidily in the corners and all the world is grey and ug.

These photos are a holiday in themselves. I'm sitting here with my coffee and staring at them and the whole world is yummy again. Thanks so much for posting them, and have a great weekend in your lovely landscape.

Dear Prudence said...

You are welcome Dive. From reading your response to Robyns assignment, perhaps you should spend more time looking at them. If I were not around to post them, you would not have had that moment!

dive said...

I was just round at Mum's, finally getting her blog onto the new version, and we were talking about the snow we had.
Without thinking, I said
"Oh! You should see the lovely photos Dear Prudence posted."
Hee hee. She did like the last one.

Dear Prudence said...

woops! Always have to becareful of Mums! Mine would be agast as well!

Old Knudsen said...

I was swearing and kicking the dog as those photos loaded up, then I saw the last one and it was like I got a fix, you're a mean woman to be sure, my mum also say the last pic, it made her horny, I suppose I'll post about it.
Funny I don't remember having a dog.

Sassy Sundry said...

Yetta, you are too kind to the Old Man.

dive said...

Which old man, Sassy?