Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dam It!

These are some pictures I have taken at the dam a short distance from my house. There are pictures of the same areas during the calm of an early Sunday morning, the May Floods of 2006 and just this past weekend on my way to a Superbowl Party.

This is the Bowl/Basin side of the dam. Notice the pointy rock during the spring it is barely visable.

Notice the brown house in the mist, tucked serenely away in the lushness of green that envelopes it and protects it from prying eyes.

Not so protected anymore! There is the pointy rock very noticeable now.

This is the looking up from the basin of the dam during the floods. The basin itself is about 20 feet deep and usually 1/2 full during any point in a normal summer.

The water was actually about 2 feet over the cement lip of the dam. Pretty amazing show of force swirling around in that bowl.

This is the next afternoon. You can barely see the tip of the pointy rock.

This is the outsource of the dam during the flooding.

This little row boat actually made it through the dam itself and out the other side and got caught up in the trees that were about 8 feet underwater.

Same spot this past weekend. Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Gilmanton Dam!


Robyn said...

These are beautiful, Prudence. Two at the top look like paintings. And I appreciate being able to see the same spot in different seasons.

dive said...

Okay, Prudence.
You got me.
Looks like Old Dive will be retiring to New Hampshire.
Those are beautiful.

Dear Prudence said...

Thanks Robyn. Those early morning shots are also some of my favorites.

Dive, go and read my response to the Tavern post to you. It will solidify your move!

dive said...

Read my lips: No new taxes …
So it was true somewhere at least!

I've been poring over Googlemap, looking longingly at all the lovely places, Prudence.
Long term planning is definitley under way.

Dear Prudence said...

Dive, glad I can help fuel the fire! There may be some BIG downsides to the USA and a "forward thinker" like yourself but you really can't beat living the American Dream. It really is there if you want it!

dive said...

Rabid religious fundamentalists running amok with guns?
A far right government with a real bug about civil liberties?
A War On Terror that is in fact a War On Sanity?
A complete misunderstanding of Marxism?
Five percent of the world's population producing fifty percent of the world's carbon emissions and determined to keep it that way?

Hey, what's not to love? I'll fit in a treat … hee hee.

Dear Prudence said...

No why do you have to be that wayY??!! I was trying to be kind, uplifting and positive!

Dear Prudence said...

I meant .. "now".. you got me all shook up..

dive said...

Sorry, Prudence. My tongue was - as ever - firmly in my cheek.
Besides, I like a government I can protest against (one reason I like being in London … lots of lovely marches to go on and be photographed by the police).
Living in America would be fun for all the above reasons.

Dear Prudence said...

I know Dive! I think there are more postive reasons for living in the good ol' USA than bad ones.

Sassy Sundry said...

Those are beautiful. I hadn't realized that the flooding was really bad up your way. It was crazy here.

RICH said...

Nice Pics. Thanks for sharing :)

Dear Prudence said...

Sassy, it was crazy here too. It was also kind of neat to see Mother Nature and all her glory.

You are welcome Rich and welcome.