Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hey Where Did I Park That Sled?

Ok, folks it is officially winter! We, at the moment, are in a lull in the Nor'easter that is blanketing the area with 15-30" of white stuff. Living 25 minutes from work is usually a nice ride. It gives you enough time to get your work hat on or your mom hat on. Today will not be quiet so leisurely. It will most likely take a good hour to get back to the old homestead. I know, Dive, waaa waaa. I certainly don't have much to complain about compared to your trek. Still, add the 6" of snow already on the ground, to the 30 mph winds that kick it back over the plowed roads and it makes for a white knuckle ride. So, off I go. Till tomorrow! Ciao.

P.s. I took some pics of the front of my house this morning and will take some after the storm so you can compare. It really is beautiful.


Sassy Sundry said...

Lovely photo, Prudence.

I left early and have just had a lovely lunch, complete with a glass of wine. Hurrah.

I hope you're not completely snowed in.

dive said...

Oh, I can't wait, Prudence.
Good luck with the travelling. Try to stay cosy and warm.

dive said...

Oh, and Love the clock!

Dear Prudence said...

Sassy, isn't nice when we can leave early and it given the thumbs up by the boss! Good on ya for the glass of wine. It was a treacherous ride home but made it within an hour. So, not so bad.

Dive, it's always beer-thirty somewhere! Used a whole role of film yesterday. It is so beautiful today. Winds are still gusting at 30 MPH so there are drifts everywhere. It is always warm and cozy at my pad, cuz I am there!

RICH said...

nice photo. yeah, Commutes are always dicey when the weather gets rough. It can sometimes take me two hours to go the 8 mile ride I have into Boston.