Friday, February 16, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Although we were originally supposed to get 15"-30" of snow from the VD Blizzard, in reality the area I live in only received 13". I know some of you are wondering why I say only. If you have never been "snowed in" you are really missing something. It is peaceful, beautiful and for me at least a welcome reprieve from the day to day grind. I really do enjoy it. However, the northeast is so well equipped to deal with large amounts of snow it rarely happens. Things are cleaned up quickly and life again moves at that hectic pace. The school buses were even on time!
These are a few photo's I took of the beginning of the storm (7:30am)-when I arrived home around 2:30pm and them the next morning after the plow guy had come and the storm was over. Hope you enjoy them.

No the lense isn't dirty it is snowing at a pretty good clip.

In the picture above you can see quite a bit of the little tree to the left of the front door.-

Not for long!

This is looking up the road from my driveway before I left for work

Down the road

This is what things looked like when I returned home from work around 2:30pm

Picture of the barn around 2:30pmThursday Morning you can see the reflection of the sun on the left side of the house-7:15am

Down the Road After

Up, see almost no sign of over a foot of snow.

This is from my living room window looking down at the front steps aroudn 3:00pm Wednesday- poor little trees-

This was in the moring on Thursday. The marks in the snow are from a cat or two trying to get in my bedroom window! Sneaky little shits!

Well that's all folks. Not great shots but I did say I would so I did!


RICH said...

hmmm i just took a trip to N.H. without leaving the farm.

Thanks for sharing

Dear Prudence said...

You are welcome Rich. What I find funny with taking pictures is that sometimes what my minds-eye sees comes out great on film and sometimes it doesn't, it looks flat. That is how I feel about these photos, flat. Try, Try again.

Sassy Sundry said...


dive said...

Fabulous shots, Prudence.
I feel so lame with my shitty snow shots of England.
You so totally rule!

dive said...

Hee hee, Prudence!
I've just noticed our blog descriptions in your sidebar.
"Divine" is probably the most inappropriate word to describe me and sooo funny!
Thank you for that.

Dear Prudence said...

You are welcome Dive. Perhaps you are the only one who things it isn't appropriate!

Robyn said...

Being snowed in for a day or two really is like a miniature vacation, like nature gives you a hideout. I love it. I just hate what happens to the snow a few days later when it gets sludgy and dirty. Beautiful pictures, Prudence. Thanks for the tour.

Nikon said...

If it snows two inches here in RI, we go into paralysis.