Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reflections of Sunday Past

While I work fervently on a rather lengthy post I thought I would share my Sunday past with my blog pals. Just a quiet Sunday that started at 6:15am when the dogs decided they wanted to pee. Margret is the big one and Stella is the little one.

Had they not insisted on going out I would have surely missed this!

Back to bed for an hour, then upstairs for coffee and smoke (I know I am trying!) I love the way smoke plays with light. Its not a great capture but it looks cool none the less.
The picture is of my Great Grandmother (bottom left), my Grandmother Nana Pat (top left), Aunt Dot (top right) and Uncle Donald who died before I was born.

As I wandered back downstairs to dress and put in some laundry I notice the reflections from my front door as they slid down the wall. I thought it would be interesting to chronicle the passing of day with the passing of the reflection. Here goes:

I always thought the glass looked like a Persian cat. This is about 9:00am.



This is from standing in my room at the bottom of the stairs, looking up around 1:30pm

2:30ish as it almost reachesthe bottom steps down to my bedroom door.

This is the last of it as it ran across my bedroom door about 3:30pm. I missed catching it in the middle of the door. I must have been busy doing something. Moms are always doing something!

After the sun had left the front side of my house.

Going, going, gone.

That's all folks!


Sassy Sundry said...


I remember that door.

Dear Prudence said...

Thanks Sassy.

Ma Titwonky said...

Cool effects! I enjoy seeing pix like these -- I have no imagination when it comes to photography, but I do appreciate what others do. Thanx for sharing.

Robyn said...

Your light and smoke study is just lovely--I have always liked how light reflects on walls and changes throughout the day. Lovely dog too.

dive said...

Beautiful, Prudence.
I'll tell Peahen about this one. She's a stained glass artist (among many other things).

Dear Prudence said...

Good snowy morning everyone!
Ma, thanks. I am trying to expand my imagination in regards to photography. I am more creative in the kitchen that with a camera.

Robyn, thanks. I thought it looked coole too especially with the old Photo behind it.

Dive, Yikes.. that window is a factory job not even on the same level as what Peahen does, I've looked. And thanks.