Friday, February 2, 2007

The Temperance Tavern & The Corners

The house was built in 1793 and was known as the most noted public house in all this part of the country. It served travellers on the Old Province Road which ran from Boston to Portsmouth, to northern New England and Canada. It was named The Temperance Tavern in 1815 when the temperance movement swept New England. "The Tavern" as it is known today continued to serve guests until 1849 when it was bought by Cyrus Gilman and used as a grand private residence.

In 1946, it as acquired by Richard and Eleanor Small, who discovered and restored much of the original wall stenciling still preserved and seen in the house today.

In the 1960's, John Collins lived in and further restored "The Tavern," and for more than two decades, maintained the Tavern as a warm and friendly bed and breakfast. In the 1990's, Boston attorney Jacob Atwood acquired the Tavern and modernized some aspects of the operation, while sensitively and painstakingly assuring its preservation and authentic 18th century New England charm. It is currently for sale, $799,000.00

The Corners, as we locals like to call it, is truely a picture post card of Old New England. These arer a couple of shots I took this summer of a couple of my favorite houses. If you look to the right of this home you can see the Tavern in the background. A gentleman bought this home ,back about when I started to build mine in 2000, and has painstakingly renovated it back to period including the Oil Lamp Lights going up the drive. Very breathtaking!

This is called "The Brick House". It is also one of the most picturesque homes in the Corners.
They run a Reproduction Furniture Store out of the barn. It is for sale, only $775,000.00.

Well this ends the tour of The Corners. After the "I Am" assignment I thought I would just cleanse the brain with some lite Meanderings. I hope you all have a great weekend.


Sassy Sundry said...

Hey! I know where all those places are. Thanks for the pictures!

dive said...

Alright, alright.
I'll move to New England instead of building the library onto my old house.
Are you serious about those prices?
If so, I might have to really think about job-hunting over there.

Old Knudsen said...

New England? I knew the old one had gone to hell.

Dear Prudence said...

You are welcome Sassy. I love my town. Well, except for the property taxes!

Dive; really? I think they are a bit too hign but hey, you buy the Tavern and I will be your Chef! Although from reading your blog, I think you are pretty handiy in the kitchen yourself.

Old K, I Love New England but never having been to Old England I will wait to form my opinion once I have been there.

dive said...

I can't believe those prices. I'd been told New England was really expensive.
Those are cheaper than Norfolk prices (and we're pretty low). You couldn't even buy a bedsit in my part of Westminster for that.
I'm now seriously reconsidering where to retire to.

Dear Prudence said...

Shit, I'll sell you my digs on 1.5 acres for a mere $275,000.00. 4 Bedroom, 24'x26' Family Room, 2 bath,
open concept,kitchen/livingroom,
2 decks (1 off the Master Bedroom), youv'e seen the other in my Quiet Spot pictures and a nice size Barn/Workshop. I'll even fill all the flower boxes and make sure things are tidy! When are you retiring?

dive said...

Your house is beautiful, Prudence, and I could get a mortgage for that and pay less than my train fare to London (yikes)!
I'm thinking of retiring at 55, then having five years of fun and checking out at 60. I REALLY want that Tavern!

Dear Prudence said...

Hey your retirement plan works right into my plan.. I am selling my house in 4-5 years and getting the fuck outa dodge! My last kid will be 19 and I am done!

dive said...

Hee hee.
You've done it now, Prudence!
Honestly, before this post I had always loved New England but had never sonsidered it as a place to live.
Now I'm going to spend the next couple of years seriously re-thinking my long term plans.
I'm also going to have to curtail my political activities of the US is to let me in the country!

Dear Prudence said...

I will put in a good word for ya Dive! To add insult to injury here.. New Hampshire is, I beleive, the only State that does not have an income tax or general merchandise tax. The only taxes we pay are property tax and hotel and meal tax. Buying cloths, no tax, buying groceries, no tax, music...NO TAX! Just thought I would sweeten the pot!

Robyn said...

We have a tavern/inn dating back to 1835 that part of a canal. It's haunted, supposedly, and it looks similar to your old tavern. Wouldn't it be fun to buy it--if you had unlimited resources to keep it going, that is.