Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sassy's IPOD Shuffle "The Extended Version"

Ok this is what I have been listening to recently.

Billy Bob Thornton: Private Radio- Believe it or not he is pretty damn good. Track #2 has a great line in it. "Yea I'm sitting here at the waffle house, smothered and covered".

Loreena McKennitt:Dante's Prayer and Mummer Dance and the Bonny Swans- She is just fabulous. I think I find her music so enthralling because she actually researches ancient poems and writing and travels to these places and writes songs.

Richie Spice: Crying For Love- I have listened to this song several times today. My oldest asked me to find the CD for him, not for this song but for another and I found this one. Also, Reggae Music= Summer, fun, sun and hot men.

Michael Franks: Passion Fruit-This entire CD is great. It has wonderful memories attached to it for me. The manager of the clothing boutique I worked at while I lived on Maui used to play it all the time. I always worked at night and the entire building was open to the street, which sat on the ocean. The breezes would blow through and the cloths would dance while Michael sang.

Electric Light Orchestra: Discovery-Wishing- Takes me back, back , back... sometimes not a bad place to go.

Nanci Griffith-The Dust Bowl Symphony- Love at the Five and Dime: I have mentioned this on one of Robyn's posts. It truly captures the quaintness of a Five and Dime and small town America.

The Januaries: Chocolate and Strawberries, All Systems A-Go-Go, Summer Love-all groovy. Too bad they were a one album band, I like them.

Lyle Lovett: My Baby Don't Tolerate-Title song is great and has some wonderful lyrics. In my own mind is a good one too. "I live in my own mind, ain't nothing but a good time, no rain just sunshine out here in my own mind."

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Groover's Meme

Thanks to Groover's for this neat Meme.

Here we go then:
1. Yourself: sensual
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: imaginative
3. Your hair: stylish
4. Your mother/stepmother: sad
5. Your dog: joyous
6. Your favorite item: Knife
7. Your dream last night: didn’t
8. Your favorite drink: Wine
9. Your dream car: Truck
10. The room you are in: Office
12. Your fear: snakes
13. What you want to be in 10 years: free
14. Who you hung out with last night: son
15. What you're not: pessimistic
16. Muffin: Pina Colada
17: One of your wish list items: Wildlife
18: Time: Mid-morning
19. The last thing you did: adjusted
20. What you are wearing: plunging
21. Your favorite weather: Fall
22. Your favorite book: The Secret
23. The last thing you ate: Mashed Potatoes
24. Your life: revving
25. Your mood: blissful
26. Your best friend/s: Quirky
27. What are you thinking about right now? Summer
28. Your car: Old
29. What are you doing at the moment?: Playing
30. Your summer: Full
31. Your relationship status: Open
32. What is on your TV?: Nothing
33. What is the weather like?: Sunny
34. When is the last time you laughed?: 3/26/07

Your turn.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Building Beauty in the Lakes Region

I thought I would post some of the work my company does around the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. It is difficult to improve on the beauty of the State as it stands, but I believe we do a pretty good job. We are a large Design/Build Landscape Co. although we do modify landscapes that are already established. It is really neat to see a landscape develop from a design to the finished product and I thought you would enjoy seeing the pictures. We also provide maintenance services, hence the nice striped lawn!

This was a complete landscape job, start to finish. You can imagine the view straight to the lake.

Lawn install and Planting Berm.

One of our signature Compass Patios. There are actually larger stones in the circle that represent N,S,E & W and it is set correctly. How could you not relax with a view like that .
We actually do a lot of work "on" the lakefront. It requires lots of red-taped paperwork and our boss is very conservation minded.

Our Hardscape Division (stonework) has grown by leaps and bounds since our Sassy worked here. This is a really neat fire pit and we installed all the stone that is vi sable.

One of the chimney after construction and the client had made thins homey.

A few planting pictures. This is a Japanese Maple. One of the bosses favorites to plant.

Ahhh who wouldn't love a Niko Blue Hydrangea?

Nice Irregular Tight Fit Bluestone walkway and plantings.

Nice Entryway. We also did all the stone columns holding up the terrace.

We didn't put in the pool but we did fill in all the landscape around it, including the patio work.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Ranty Prudence has returned. While I was at lunch, minding my own business, buying my youngest son (15) new, size 14 sneakers, I was listening to the radio. This is what I heard..

“Believe it or not folks there is a Non-Profit Support Group who is now offering e-cards for those who have had abortions.” What the fuck? So me being me had to see for myself. This is what I found.

How can these people do this with a straight face?

A loss is something that happens unexpectedly and without forethought. At least in Ranty Prudences’ brain. It isn’t a loss if it is an actual ABORTION, as we all understand the term to be. Medically necessary terminations are not typically referred to as abortion. So, they can’t be talking about that, can they?

Throw in the Religious Factor… You have got to be kidding me. How could you possibly, truly believe in God and then think he is going to be support you after you’ve decided to terminate the life he blessed you with. What bullshit.

“A total of 848,163 legal induced abortions were reported in the United States for 2003 from 47 states, DC, and NYC” This statistic is from the CDC’s website. Trust me folks the numbers haven't gone down in the following years. Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina (PPCNC) charges $375 for a medication abortion. Prices rise substantially from there, with PPCNC charging as much as $1475 for an invasive, or “surgical,” abortion.

Just some quick math: 848,163 x 375 =$318,061,125.00/year and that on the low side of charges.

Planned Parenthood’s 2004-2005 annual report, the non-profit received $882 million in revenue (generated from such services as emergency contraception kits, STD examinations, and abortion procedures) and showed a $63 million excess of revenue over expenses.

I am not trying to pick on PPH. I think that they do offer some good education and help for those who need it in contraceptive practises. However, they are making a killing, killing! They have made a fortune out of abortions.

It really fries my ass sometimes when my blog pals get all ranty about Iraq, Bush and the Illegal War we are in and all the needless losses. While here in the good ole USA, we kill close to a million babies every year because we can. I don’t care what anyone says, go with a woman to her 8 week maternity check up and listen to the babies heart beat and then tell me it just a mass of jelly that isn’t really LIVING.

Ok I am done.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Here We Go Again

It seems that we are in for another Holiday Storm. St. Patty's Day will not be green in these part but white, white, white. They are calling for another Nor'easter all told 12 to18 inches of accumulation is possible. These are some pictures from the last storm that I forgot to pick up from the photo store until today. Check out the picnic table!
OK This is looking out my bedroom window that is at ground level.
My Poor Hot Tub that is not working at the moment.

Gosh that's a lot of white!

This is just one of the views I get to enjoy on my way to work.

I think it is time to head to the liquor store and stock up on a few bottles of Cab and Zin, grab a grocery or two and head home. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, March 12, 2007


It appears, in our little group, that moments of reflection keep creeping into our blogs time and time again. Remember these:

Dive: Daphne Rubbernoids, the old outside privy, Providence Place, Zerafa St and laying on Dad in my big pants. (that last part doesn’t sound quite right does it?)

Robyn: her masterful task of “I am From” What’s in an age, Coffee Me, Fat Girl, a postcard my grandfather sent to my grandmother before they were married, sometime before 1920, My First Movie and lest not forget all of her B-day remembrances.

Sassy Memories of Montana, Mr. Dearborn, My Pop-Pop had given me this new hat, , Fluff Goes to Washington, Goody Good Doughnuts and one of the funniest ever, Thanksgiving with the Dead (and a Chihuahua)

Kate Isis: Bubonic man, Dr Seuss method of sex, SO I"M WONDERING ABOUT SUICIDE, I've just surveyed my Queendom. It's a god awful mess.
Question is, where do I even start?, Déjà vu G - I have to go and check on my joint (that’s funny, I don’t’ care who you are), I don't want it to burn., WEAPONS OF MASS INSTRUCTION, What did your parents hit you with?

Rich: Mr. Beantown in Washington, I remember my parents saying this phrase to me when I was quite young - whenever someone would knock on our door at home-Open the dam door, , I worked in a bomb factory and lets not forget, I’m from the “Fine” family.

Then of course we have Old K: where to start or how to end.. so let’s just say his remembrances at any given time can cause phlegm to gurgle in up your throat, hives to pop around your middle and even on occasion you may find yourself becoming all unnecessary (giggle). Old K, if I were to list just a handful of your musings it would take up this whole post. Trust that we all know who is King!

I thought I would share with you something that was running through my mind last evening in regards to reflections. Reflection on the past, reflections of people of importance, memories that make you feel connected, loved, cherished and a wishing to revisit those times and places.


I can stand in one spot in the middle of my mind
I can see where I’ve been and what I've left far behind.
Stopping to note as scenes flicker past
Moving and fading like snakes in the grass.
I see days of youth, carefree, no stress.
There to one side is my Dad in a dress.
The giggles from the wiggles of worms in my hand
Never considering life slips, slide away just like sand.
This snip of a girl who is hardly ever afraid
Has no recollection of the impact I’d made.
Her dad floats around her on a cushion of air
His life has been lifted for the fact that’s she there.

Half woman, half child I’d snickers at boys
Who in the near future would bring me some joy,
Joys of first kissing’s and holding of hands
Of whisper of sweetness and the bulging of glands.
I’m growing and changing before my own eyes
I’m finally a woman at least tween my thighs.

Time gets really muddy with hormones and age
Now a child is coming, another turn of the page.
My dads in the kitchen doing the dishes that night.
I sit in his driveway afraid that I might,
Might tear up his heart with the news I must share.
A grandchild is coming, I can’t see through the tears.
Two more and much anguish and moving about.
His strength never lessened, his love near in doubt.

I stand on that acre now a mother of three.
My Dad right beside as always he’ll be.
A home we will build, my daddy and I.
Where his dreams for my future are at last satisfied.
He has seen me through troubles and victories galore
Through choices and voices sometimes I’d ignore.

His face now has lines, the creases much deeper
How many from me and from the Grim Reaper?
His mind is now ravaged with disease now apparent
My name he’ll forget, you see is inherent.
Toady is a mystery, time in and time out
He wanders through gardens that now show the drought.
The drought of his attention to care and to tend
It won’t be much longer before he’s rounding the bend.
He cannot remember what chores he must do
Or if the dogs eaten for one or for two.

It’s happened so slowly or so it does seem.
He’s watched as I’ve grown as I’ve followed my dream.
He’s been my anchor, my harbor, my port.
I think of our time, it is growing so short.
He forgets what he’s eaten and where are his keys?
It will be when he forgets me I’ll fall to my knees.
He has been my protector, my knight oh so rare.
I’ll not make it without him that thought I can’t bear.

To love him right now is the best I can do.
He knows me today through his mind’s changing hue.
We talk everyday, sometime three or four times.
He knows what is happening, it is not sublime.
He sits and he waits for the days to slip past.
Not really living, watching hours elapse.

I wish I could fix him, give him back what is gone.
I’m not ready to live without him
I’m not done with our song.

Brad Delp, 55, Lead Singer for Boston, Dies

Brad Delp, the lead singer for the rock band Boston, was found dead on Friday in his home in Atkinson, N.H. The Associated Press reported that a police spokesman said Mr. Delp apparently died alone and that there was no indication of foul play. The cause of death is under investigation and a report is to be released Monday, The A.P. reported. Mr. Delp was 55.

Mr. Delp’s vocals, overdubbed into group harmonies and grand chorales for songs like “More Than a Feeling,” were a vital ingredient in the sound of Boston, a band whose multilayered tracks were created in the studio by its guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer, Tom Scholz. Boston’s elaborate songs were ubiquitous on radio stations during the 1970s, and its 1976 debut album, “Boston,” largely recorded in Mr. Scholz’s basement, has sold more than 17 million copies in the United States.
Mr. Delp was born in 1951 in Danvers, Mass., and discovered music as a Beatles fan. He started singing in bands as a teenager, and met Mr. Scholz as the 1960s ended. In an interview with Classic Rock Revisited, Mr. Delp said, “I am just lucky to be the guy who was there.”
Their band played cover songs in clubs for the early part of the 1970s while working with Mr. Scholz on the homemade recordings that became Boston’s debut album.
“The nice thing about Brad,” Mr. Scholz said in a 1986 interview with Musician magazine, “was his incredible ability in the studio. He was a master at controlling his voice — he could do things over and over, changing one note and doing everything else the same. He’s a natural overdubber, he can perfectly match what’s on tape, he can sing harmonies with himself and keep dozens of parts in his mind.”
Mr. Delp’s stacked vocal tracks, from earnest tenor to wailing falsetto, were so central to the music that in Boston’s first management and recording contracts, Mr. Scholz and Mr. Delp were the only official members of the band; Barry Goudreau on guitar, Fran Sheehan on bass and Sib Hashian on drums were soon added. Mr. Scholz wrote all the songs on Boston’s debut except “Smokin’,” written with Mr. Delp, and “Let Me Take You Home Tonight,” credited to Mr. Delp alone.

Although Boston’s first album was derided by critics as derivative and calculated, it was immediately embraced by radio stations. The band’s first tour after its release started in clubs and ended in arenas. Mr. Scholz, a painstaking songwriter who had worked for seven years on what became the debut album, rushed to complete a follow-up, “Don’t Look Back,” released in 1978. It eventually sold seven million copies in the United States.

In 1980, Mr. Delp, along with Mr. Hashian, appeared on Mr. Goudreau’s album of his own songs, “Barry Goudreau.” Mr. Goudreau and Mr. Delp left Boston and worked together in the early 1980s under the band name Orion the Hunter; it released an album in 1984 with Mr. Delp as background vocalist and songwriting collaborator. (Fran Cosmo, who would later join Boston, was the lead singer.) But Mr. Delp rejoined Boston in 1985 to sing on the album “Third Stage,” which was released in 1986 and has sold four million copies in the United States.

As the 1990s began, Mr. Delp worked again with Mr. Goudreau in a band called RTZ, for Return to Zero. He was replaced in Boston by Mr. Cosmo, the lead singer on Boston’s 1994 album “Walk On.” But Mr. Delp toured with Boston after the release of “Walk On,” sharing vocals with Mr. Cosmo, and sang three new songs on Boston’s “Greatest Hits” collection in 1997. He remained with Boston ever since, touring and singing lead on Boston’s 2002 album “Corporate America.”
Between Boston tours, Mr. Delp performed in New England clubs with a band called Beatle Juice, playing faithful copies of Beatles songs.

Bradd was a local guy and lived "locally". He participated in his community and lived amongst the masses. He appeared often on our local radio station and help with a variety of fundraisers for local charities. He was an "Ordinary Average Guy" and will be missed around these parts!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What's On Your Desk?

Thought I would share with you what I currently have on my desk. I have a cool boss! We had a rodent problem this fall and I just happened to have the solution at home. We now have office kitties. Everyone here loves them and no one is allergic so it's all good. It makes the office atmosphere more enjoyable at least that seems to be the consensus.

The yellow tiger is Romeo and the Calico is Juliet. She has a black spot on her chest that is shaped like a heart. AWWWW..

They snuggle like this with eachother all the time. They were the only two in the litter so they are very bonded.

I know it is kind of a lame post but they bring such joy around here with their silly kitten antics. They do make it difficult at times to get things done. I have had several documents deleted and messed up from them walking over my keyboard.

Prudence Needs

Ok, I'm in!

Prudence needs to employ all her charms

Prudence needs to buy a present for her friend Dirty Dermot's B-day. (This is funny cuz I actually have a friend and his nickname is Dirty)

Prudence needs a job.

Prudence needs to be exercised.. ok there is more to the statement but left this way it is funny!

Prudence needs to employ all her charm.

Prudence needs to be seconded by fortune.

Prudence needs to be set aside

America Needs Prudence-(I like this one too)

Prudence needs to include fortitude.

A Need for Prudence in the Persian Gulf.

So it looks like I need to don my Super Hero outfit and save the world!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Real Time Snow Storm

Hey Everyone,

Just stepped out the front door of my work and this is what things look like. Mind you, all the cars were clear of snow just a short time ago. Everything looks so clean. The weather report is that this will continue until sometime this evening. It is so quiet when it snows.



This is what our sign looks like today

Cool Huh! Well, I think I am going to be a good boss and let everyone go home now. Sometimes it's good to be King! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Calm Before The Storm x's 2

The weather report for Peyton Place is as follows; Central NH: "The battle of the colder air coming south out of Canada and warmer air surging northward from the south will meet up close to the Lakes Region/Upper Valley/Lake Sunapee Region. That will mean even a slight shift in the track of the storm could mean a big change in accumulation potential. If you mix with some sleet and/or freezing rain amounts would be lower. The best information right now says the area stays mostly all snow. 10-20" of snowfall should occur in this situation... depending on how much (if any) sleet mixes in, will determine whether we hit the top of bottom of that range."

Right now the sun is shining, the sky is crystal blue and it is about 37F. When I awake tomorrow all will be white.

On another note, there is also a calm before the storm on the home front.
Today my daughter,

8th Grade Graduation (14-see why I have to protect her)

who will be17 next month, has the week of for school vacation, told me very cheerily ( she is not a morning person-1st clue) this morning that her girlfriend had text her and wanted her to run some errands with her and then go catch a mid-day movie. Interesting thing is my daughter doesn't get out of bed in the morning on vacation before noon for most anyone. My "Mother Alarm" went off. I made a call to her cell when I arrived at work and asked her to pick something up for me while she was down south. She hesitated and then agreed. Yet another flag raised in my always-suspicious mommy mind. I then dialed *69, which, here in the States makes the number you are calling from appear unlisted (incase the other people have caller id) and her girlfriend answered the phone. I asked to speak with said daughter. That poor girl almost passed out but did give her friend up. My daughter had never been there. You see, my daughter was in Dover at her now ex-boyfriends house, where I had forbidden her to be. Long story short, this kid (not sure if he is 19 or 22, no one seems to know for sure) is a loser! No job, ran his moms phone bill up and their phone was shut off, no way to get back and forth to see my daughter unless she drives the 40 miles to get him, never pitches in for gas cuz he’s got no job, etc... I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, had him over several times but the more he opened his mouth the more bullshit spewed forth. Of course she is "In Love" and can't see any of it. So she is now home waiting for me to arrive.

Sever Weather Alert: A gale force is about to strike Peyton Place!

Repeat after me. I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,
I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,