Thursday, March 22, 2007

Building Beauty in the Lakes Region

I thought I would post some of the work my company does around the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. It is difficult to improve on the beauty of the State as it stands, but I believe we do a pretty good job. We are a large Design/Build Landscape Co. although we do modify landscapes that are already established. It is really neat to see a landscape develop from a design to the finished product and I thought you would enjoy seeing the pictures. We also provide maintenance services, hence the nice striped lawn!

This was a complete landscape job, start to finish. You can imagine the view straight to the lake.

Lawn install and Planting Berm.

One of our signature Compass Patios. There are actually larger stones in the circle that represent N,S,E & W and it is set correctly. How could you not relax with a view like that .
We actually do a lot of work "on" the lakefront. It requires lots of red-taped paperwork and our boss is very conservation minded.

Our Hardscape Division (stonework) has grown by leaps and bounds since our Sassy worked here. This is a really neat fire pit and we installed all the stone that is vi sable.

One of the chimney after construction and the client had made thins homey.

A few planting pictures. This is a Japanese Maple. One of the bosses favorites to plant.

Ahhh who wouldn't love a Niko Blue Hydrangea?

Nice Irregular Tight Fit Bluestone walkway and plantings.

Nice Entryway. We also did all the stone columns holding up the terrace.

We didn't put in the pool but we did fill in all the landscape around it, including the patio work.

Hope you enjoyed it.


Robyn said...

these are beautiful, Prudence. The stone work is great, but I think the chimney might be my favorite.

dive said...

Wow! Prudence, that is a great ad for your company. I don't suppose you come out as far as the Norfolk Broads, do you? I love the stonework.
That must give you such job satisfaction

Sassy Sundry said...

Wow. Craig has been busy, hasn't he? Those are great.

I love saying "hydrangea" with a Southern accent.

Dear Prudence said...

Robyn, our Hardscape Div. has really grown leaps and bounds since Sassy has been here. They do a great job.

Dive, I thought you would appreciate the architechtural element of the stone and its layout.

Sass, yes he really has made great strides. We are now working through most of the winter.

M.Benaut said...

Prudence - these photos are fantastic. The landscaping looks beautiful; both the stonework and the planting.
How I would love to have our garden revamped and landscaped. We do all of the gardening etc. ourselves but ours doesn't look anything like this! Gives me something to aim for.

Mme Benaut