Friday, March 16, 2007

Here We Go Again

It seems that we are in for another Holiday Storm. St. Patty's Day will not be green in these part but white, white, white. They are calling for another Nor'easter all told 12 to18 inches of accumulation is possible. These are some pictures from the last storm that I forgot to pick up from the photo store until today. Check out the picnic table!
OK This is looking out my bedroom window that is at ground level.
My Poor Hot Tub that is not working at the moment.

Gosh that's a lot of white!

This is just one of the views I get to enjoy on my way to work.

I think it is time to head to the liquor store and stock up on a few bottles of Cab and Zin, grab a grocery or two and head home. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


dive said...

I feel so guilty sitting here in all this warm sunshine with blossom everywhere, but I must admit that New Hampshire looks utterly stunning in the snow.

Aunt B said...

Yea, we got slapped around good too. I've got several inches of ice out back, as it was sleeting for hours. I have cigs and coffee and several bottles of vino and vodka. We're gonna be just fine. Stay warm, ok!

Robyn said...

Aren't you tired of this already? We only got a fraction of your snow, but I'm ready for spring--the birds are singing and the trees are budding--enough with the snow and cold.

paddy said...

exactly the same here....snow all day, but don't Easter's around the bend. Hope you had a nice weekend. Back to normal tomorrow. Take it easy.
PS: DIVE the grass is always greener.

Dear Prudence said...

Dive; I have had about enough. When I awoke Sat. am I tried to open my kitchen door and I had to really give it a good push as the snow was up past the door.

Aunt B.. I'm with ya sister. Got my staples during the day on Friday before the snow started and had a very peaceful snow it!

Robyn; YES! All set, bring on spring.

Welcome Paddy! It is time for it to move on. It is truly beautiful as the top layer is ice so all the fields are glossy and pristine.

Utsav said...

I like snow. I love snow! It's gotten hot as hell here in Bangalore, and it's hard to imagine somebody complaining about having to shovel snow. I could do that all day, given the heat here!

Sassy Sundry said...

Hope the boozing went well. McI and I got a little shitty ourselves.

M.Benaut said...

From Mme Benaut:
Gorgeous photos Prudence. What a beautiful part of the USA you live in.

Dear Prudence said...

Sassy, you know me, no amount of snow can intrude on a good bottle of wine.

Utsav, I dont' mind it so much, but we were teased with spring the week before and now it is time for the crocus and daffodils to poke out and say hello world!

M.Benaut:Thanks and I would whole heartedly agree. Although I have ssen some pictures of Glen Coe Scotland and I am amazed!