Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sassy's IPOD Shuffle "The Extended Version"

Ok this is what I have been listening to recently.

Billy Bob Thornton: Private Radio- Believe it or not he is pretty damn good. Track #2 has a great line in it. "Yea I'm sitting here at the waffle house, smothered and covered".

Loreena McKennitt:Dante's Prayer and Mummer Dance and the Bonny Swans- She is just fabulous. I think I find her music so enthralling because she actually researches ancient poems and writing and travels to these places and writes songs.

Richie Spice: Crying For Love- I have listened to this song several times today. My oldest asked me to find the CD for him, not for this song but for another and I found this one. Also, Reggae Music= Summer, fun, sun and hot men.

Michael Franks: Passion Fruit-This entire CD is great. It has wonderful memories attached to it for me. The manager of the clothing boutique I worked at while I lived on Maui used to play it all the time. I always worked at night and the entire building was open to the street, which sat on the ocean. The breezes would blow through and the cloths would dance while Michael sang.

Electric Light Orchestra: Discovery-Wishing- Takes me back, back , back... sometimes not a bad place to go.

Nanci Griffith-The Dust Bowl Symphony- Love at the Five and Dime: I have mentioned this on one of Robyn's posts. It truly captures the quaintness of a Five and Dime and small town America.

The Januaries: Chocolate and Strawberries, All Systems A-Go-Go, Summer Love-all groovy. Too bad they were a one album band, I like them.

Lyle Lovett: My Baby Don't Tolerate-Title song is great and has some wonderful lyrics. In my own mind is a good one too. "I live in my own mind, ain't nothing but a good time, no rain just sunshine out here in my own mind."


dive said...

Good songs, Prudence.
And cool artists, too … except ELO of course, who still retain that old "point at you and giggle for owning an ELO album" thing.
But now you bring it up, their songs do bring the old memories flooding back. Damn! Now I'll be humming Mister Blue Sky all day …

Old Knudsen said...

I've only heard of ELO and now after all this time I can stand them.

Dear Prudence said...

Dive, I don't own an ELO album. I purchased just that song. It is wonderful and scary sometimes how music can be a time travel catalyst.

Old K, as Sassy said to me.. time to expand your horizons!

Sassy Sundry said...

Nice list, Prudence.

I've heard of more than two on here, but you've given me some things to think about. I'm with Dive about ELO, but a friend of mine is really into them. I love Loreena McKennitt. She's amazing.

paddy said...

Hey, Dear, your shoe lace is open. I am nearly a totally changed man now Prudence. It was the "Active Imagination" I didn't realise how dangerous it was. I was lucky. I nearly became who I thought I was.
Anyway! Be cool April fool.