Friday, April 27, 2007


ok not totally..I am on Cocoa Beach in FL. I have been having a wonderful time I think. I have a hell of a tan and I look great. I have also determined that no one loves me more than me. I thought that my knight in shinning armor had finally returned from his quest only to discover that he really only only wanted at booty call. Well, at least I got something out of it. So, I will update you all when I return on Tuesday. I really look good in my tan! Thanks for all the wondering! I miss ya all!

Ps. I think I might miss Knudsen.but maybe I am drunk!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Someone asked me to describe what I want in a "Mate". This is my challenge to all my blogger friends. Describe your "Someone" and you must rhyme your description. Here is mine.

He must have imagination with concentration to get me to my destination. He need not have an invitation nor does he need an application as he is sure of his vocation when showing me his adaptations. He'll make me squeal in anticipation eyeing him with fascination. Waiting for that sweet sensation that births itself from collaboration. He will not show hesitation or look for any explanation. His efforts will be a combination of dedication and cooperation.

Signs of Spring

Way up here in the beautiful North we gauge the coming of spring by those who produce Maple Syrup. When we see the trees tapped, the veil of winter is about to lift and one can again begin to envision the glories of spring. These are a few Pictures I took a few weeks back. In fact, the film was in being developed while we were getting 13" of snow dumped on us.

The production of maple syrup has been an activity of early spring since the pre-Colombian era in America. American natives would gash the trees, collect the sap, let it partially freeze to enrich the sap and then boil it down, sometimes by dropping heated stones into the sap.

To have maple sap flow from maple trees requires below freezing temperatures at night (24 to 30 degrees) and above freezing during the days (38 to 44 degrees). Maple trees should be 10 inches in diameter or larger to be tapped. It takes approximately 40 years for a maple tree to grow to that size.

The New England states- New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut account for 57% of all the taps in the United States. In 2006 the United States produced 1.45 million gallons of Maple syrup. That translates into 5,800,000,000.00 gallons of sap. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. Vermont is the highest producing state followed by Maine and New York.

This is the "Old" way of collecting sap. Although many maple producers still use the traditional bucket-with-spout-and-cover system for tapping their trees, others use high technology plastic tubing and pipeline systems, some of which include vacuum extraction to increase the amount of sap collected. This doesn't hurt trees and keeps the sap-lines empty which helps produce a higher quality sap for high quality maple syrup. Today's maple producers are also using "health spouts" to lessen the impact of tree-tapping. With the new spouts, trees now heal over in less than one growing season. Regardless of the method of gathering sap, it must be collected after each "run" and boiled as soon and as fast as possible to make the best quality maple syrup.

Maple sap is about 97.5 percent water, 2.4 percent sugar, and 0.1 percent minerals. Sap is made into maple syrup by boiling off the water and concentrating the sugar and minerals in the presence of heat. During the process of evaporation heat causes chemical reactions in the concentrated sap resulting in the characteristic flavor we know as maple syrup. The color and flavor of maple syrup is determined by the freshness of the sap and the speed of boiling.

My dad and his best friend had a Sugar Bush and each spring we would gather at the Sap House and scoop up fresh snow and pour the hot syrup over it and devour it. Good memories.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip though NH's spring time right of passage. Oh, by the way.. another snow storm is headed our way for Thursday. Prepare for a barrage of cussing!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

"GOD" really does have a sense of humor!

SILLY ME! I thought the last time I posted winter pics would be the last time I posted winter pics. NOT! This is what I awoke to this morning, April 5, 2007.. do you understand.. APRIL! I love New England 99.999% of the time but enough is enough. There is 13+ inches of snow at my house!

The front of our office building where the little daffodils were poking their little heads up through the soil, just yesterday!

A close up of the branches. It is beautiful!

Frosted Flakes?? NO, frosted Trees.

Imagine my ride to work this morning. Every inch of life is covered in a blanket of snow.

Alright-as the sign says... STOP already!

I am really going to enjoy Florida in just 15 days. The weather report for NH until then is in the low 40's. Perhaps it is natures way of making me really appreciate the steamy south!