Thursday, April 5, 2007

"GOD" really does have a sense of humor!

SILLY ME! I thought the last time I posted winter pics would be the last time I posted winter pics. NOT! This is what I awoke to this morning, April 5, 2007.. do you understand.. APRIL! I love New England 99.999% of the time but enough is enough. There is 13+ inches of snow at my house!

The front of our office building where the little daffodils were poking their little heads up through the soil, just yesterday!

A close up of the branches. It is beautiful!

Frosted Flakes?? NO, frosted Trees.

Imagine my ride to work this morning. Every inch of life is covered in a blanket of snow.

Alright-as the sign says... STOP already!

I am really going to enjoy Florida in just 15 days. The weather report for NH until then is in the low 40's. Perhaps it is natures way of making me really appreciate the steamy south!


Sassy Sundry said...

Blech. Effing death flakes.

Dear Prudence said...

No shit huh! Enough already!

dive said...

Yikes, Prudence!
I've been sweltering in the sun in a teeshirt today. It's too hot to do anything other than walk very slowly in the shadowy bits.
Leave for Florida right now.

Dear Prudence said...

Oh Dive it is getting a bit much. I try to keep a stiff upper lip during the winter months. It is the price for living in a perfect place for 3 seasons however, this isn't funny anymore. I actually hate Florida. It is too flat, too hot and too humid but right now I would relish it.!

MMM Dive in a t-shirt and sweaty, brings back memories of Lindsey, aaahhh... I am still not over it.

Gaijin Girl said...

Wow, that's a s***load of snow! Looks so beautiful though.
We've had a cold snap here too, and it was big news that a few, er, snowflakes fell in Harajuku on Wednesday. The only snowfall in Tokyo for winter/spring.
Enjoy Florida.

Rich said...

wow you guys got hit hard the up in cow hamphshire.