Friday, May 25, 2007

THE LONG WEEKEND-What are your plans?

Who doesn't love to hear those words? It is the topic of office chatter for an entire week. What are you plans, doing anything fun, planning a cookout or going away? You all know how it goes. It is the first Long Weekend since New Years and everyone is itching to get started.

I am leaving early today so I can pick up my flowers for my annual flower box extravaganza. This is the task that really drives home, for me at least that summer is finally here. Way up north it is generally known by us gardening types that you will be wasting your money if you plant anything that is tender much before Memorial Day. We still get frost on the occasional night way up here. It is difficult to wait that long but it really is necessary. This is a picture of my deck 2 summers ago.

Last year I tried a different blend of annuals, and English Garden variety of plants, and because my deck gets full sun most of the day, they were stunted and leggy, not full and flowing like 2005! So, I am going back to that mix and keep my fingers crossed. This is my favorite place to be on an early Sunday morning, sipping a great cup of freshly ground, dark roast coffee listening to something playing quietly on the stereo and watching the birds at the feeder. (note to self-don't forget the bird seed today). I will have them all installed in their new summer home by noon tomorrow and enjoying them by evening. Them and a couple of bottles of Cab/Sav!

More than likely I will spend the rest of Saturday afternoon picking up the house. The kids are with their dad for the weekend so it will stay clean once it's done. Housework doesn't take a long weekend.

I will be lazy Sunday morning, after all isn't it supposed to be "The Day of Rest?" I will put Norah Jones, James Taylor, Richard Hawley (thanks again Dive) and maybe a little Michael Franks on and sip my coffee, on the deck, until the pot is empty. I have tickets for Akon and Ciara for Sunday night. I will have to leave by 4:00pm to get a good spot in the VIP tent. This is a general admission show so there are no assigned seats. But with the VIP tickets ( yes folks I am a VIP) you can get into the VIP drinking tent and pull up a picnic table and be closer to the stage than you might be with an assigned seat. Plus you don't have to fight the hordes to get to the bar. The show ends at 11:00pm as the town has noise ordinances. One would think that when it was proposed to build this concert venue, people would have realized it would be noisy. The venue generates quite an tax incentive to the town, lighten up people.

Monday I have no plans. I am sure one of my friends is having a cookout that I will attend. I will bring something amazing, maybe brushcetta, it is always a hit and maybe I will bring the fresh corn/mango salsa I made the other night. I will relax with many adult beverages and wander home and wait for the kids to come home.

That is the end of the LONG WEEKEND! I hate that part! What are your plans?


paddy said...

Hey, could you put Norah Jones dad Ravi Shankar playing with George Harrison on singing Within you Without you, and Sweey Baby James, "good night you moon light ladies...." I love you prudence would you adopt me. I would just love to sit there with you and drink a cup of coffee. Looks beautful. Your words up-lifted me today, thank you so much. I wanted to say that apart from a comment but you have a non-reply e-mail. Anyway! Again thank you. Rock on the bloggers. Y;-) Paddy

Dear Prudence said...

Aww Paddy you are more than welcome to join me for a cup-a! Anytime dear! I am glad I had a positive effect on another human being today. That is good for the soul isn't it. Have a great weekend. XXOO!

savannah said...

wow, prudence! you're doing more in one day then i have planned for the entire weekend!!! we will be doing the same thing on sunday...on the porch, paper in hand and coffee nearby...

cheers, upper-left-caost neightbor! ;)

savannah said...

coast , i meant

*the cocktail hour has been in session for a long while here*

Kate Isis said...

I'm so getting you a plane ticket to come to Australia. If you can make my deck look like that I'll arrange for you to be the next princess of wales or something. Plants tend to shiver on the way home from the nursery with me and within seconds of having planted them they just give up the ghost and die.
My deck is damn sad. Although the weeds are thriving.

Old Knudsen said...

I was going up to the poop deck for a shit thats it.

Sassy Sundry said...

Sounds heavenly.

Hope you had fun!

Dear Prudence said...

Savannah, Sunday was exactly as planned and it is never too early for cocktail hour!

Hey Kate! It's all about fertilizer! I am alreay the Queen. At least that is what one of my children put as my moniker on my cell phone! No one will own up to it.

Old K, as I said to Kate, it is all about fertilizer!

Sassy, had a great weekend. Hope you did too.

zirelda said...

I like your deck. We've been working since it got warm enough to go outside. Can't plant here till May 1st or so unless you're a brave soul who doesn't mind running out in the middle of the night with sheets to cover the plants when it freezes. That is most definitely not me.

Sounds like a lovely weekend.