Thursday, June 21, 2007

WMD's-I think I figured it out!

Here is an interesting story that I believe explains where the WMD's went! See Jorge W. wasn't lying after all. If a whole lake can just disappear why not WMD's?

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - A lake in southern Chile has mysteriously disappeared, prompting speculation the ground has simply opened up and swallowed it whole.

It had a surface area of between 4 and 5 hectares (10-12 acres) -- about the size of 10 soccer pitches.
"In March we patrolled the area and everything was normal ... we went again in May and to our surprise we found the lake had completely disappeared," said Juan Jose Romero, regional director of Chile's National Forestry Corporation CONAF.
"The only things left were chunks of ice on the dry lake-bed and an enormous fissure," he told Reuters.
CONAF is investigating the disappearance.
One theory is that the area was hit by an earth tremor that opened a crack in the ground which acted like a drain.
Southern Chile has been shaken by thousands of minor earth tremors this year.

Before: After


dive said...

I heard that on the radio but hadn't seen the pictures.
Scary! Thanks, Prudence.

Dear Prudence said...

Hi Dive, imagine seeing that happen. That would be so cool. Make you think about how little control we really have over the earth!

dive said...

It's a big, grumpy planet and the way we treat it I'm amazed it hasn't done more to retaliate.

Rich said...

Glad I wasn't going for a swim in that lake when it vanished. Then again...hmmmm

Captain Smack said...

Sorry about that, guys. I was really thirsty.

savannah said...

i saw that on tv...does give one pause...i've heard of sinkholes....but ......


Kate Isis said...

WMD? please explain to the uneducated.
theres a simmilar story of disappearing lakes in the movie "fried green tomatoes".

Robyn said...

I heard that story and went right for the pictures because I couldn't imagine it. Amazing.

And I loved that story in Fried Green Tomatoes, Kate. The ducks carried it away when the water froze. Maybe that's what happened.

Dear Prudence said...

Welcome Captain Smack, Don't let it happen again!
Savannah, I know huh!
Kate: WMD- Weapons of Mass Distructions-it is a political reference.
Robyn, the pictures are pretty amazing! Remember-Al Gore said the "planet has a fever", maybe the planet just needed to bring it's fever down!

Kate Isis said...

Ah my bad, i've blocked all political stuff from computing