Thursday, August 9, 2007

Half Naked Thurdsay First Timer!

I saw this melee on Vic and another's blog and thought.. ooooo , I like that idea. I am a bit of a naked nut. As a matter of fact my bathing suit top is at the bottom of the lake from this past Sunday. At least I saved the bottoms!


Maria said...

I wish that everyone was okay with nudity. I was alone in my house for about a week this summer when Bing was at a seminar and Liv was away with her father and I swear, I was naked about 90% of the time in my house. Once, I almost went outside to get the mail in my birthday suit.

The only bad part was seeing myself in the mirror and wondering who the hell THAT was.

Dear Prudence said...

I have been known on occassion to go on the deck and BBQ naked. I have been caught a time or two by children that were not supposed to be back at home and decided to stop in without calling. They don't do that anymore!

Vic said...

Wow Prudence! That's an awesome pic.

I can't say I'm comfortable with total nudity, but I like going topless. I'm issing the days of living alone, where I could do the wandering around in a pair of jeans and no shirt.

Happy HNT,

dive said...

Gorgeous, Prudence.
I'm afraid I'm naked most of the time at home - nauseating but true. I'm such a lazy slob I can't be bothered getting dressed and besides; who needs clothes in the summer.

Dear Prudence said...

Thanks Vic! I would go nuts if I couldn't wander around naked more than occassionally. Your first sip of coffee in the morning always tastes best when naked!

Dive, that picture makes you want to make that boat propeller noise smack in the middle of em’ huh.! LOL. I completely understand about nakedness. The older I get the less clothing I prefer to wear while relaxing. Sever Mary Three has the right attitude., My cloths have become “Cumbersome”!

Terroni said...

Gorgeous picture, Prudence! And you say you're a first timer, huh? Well, I look forward to many more HNTs.

Dear Prudence said...

Hi Terroni, I meant first timer posting a pic like that! wink, wink! Have a great weekend!

M.Benaut said...

From Mme Benaut:
Yes, I'm with everyone else in saying "gorgeous" Dear Prudence and I love the jewellery too.
I must have had a repressed childhood though as I only go around the house naked at the insistent urging of M.B; I prefer to wear a sarong with no underwear if it is hot. I also have something in common with Maria which is ""who the hell THAT was" in the mirror. I'd love to be my age with my 26 year old figure!