Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi, Ho On A Rant I GO!

I have tried, really tried not to go off on a political rant this week. However, sometimes people are so STUPID! I apologize in advance for dropping all the “F” bombs but it is the only word that fits.

Headline: Maine school to offer contraceptives-10-18-07
After an outbreak of pregnancies among middle school girls, education officials in this city have decided to allow a school health center to make birth control pills available to girls as young as 11.

Here is what they define as an outbreak!
Portland's three middle schools reported 17 pregnancies during the last four years, not counting miscarriages or terminated pregnancies that weren't reported to the school nurse. (ok if we are not counting and there is no statistical data given why make that statement?)

Let’s do some math
17/4= 4.25 which is the reported # of Pregnancies per year over the last four years
4.25/1746(total # of kids enrolled in 3 schools) = .002% of the Middle School Population.

OUTBREAK?? MY ASS! (The terminology is specific to the agenda!) how can .002% be an outbreak?

Students need parental permission to access the school's health center. But treatment is confidential under state law, which allows the students to decide whether to inform their parents about the services they receive.

There is the freak’n kicker. Now these little kids can go and ask for birth control and their parents cannot, under any circumstances be told. Who in the fucking world would think that this is a good idea? The age of consent in Maine is 16! Where is the fucking logic? So you tell them they can have birth control but then you can also throw the boys in jail for statutory rape!

I have had a personal experience with this “Confidentiality” bullshit. Last summer, my daughter’s best friend (16) went for her yearly exam. A week or so later the clinic kept calling her cell phone but of course would not leave any info except to call them back. She was in school at the time so after the 4th message she called her mom and asked her to call them and find out what they wanted. Her mom called and she was told that under no circumstances could they discuss her MINOR daughters medical issues with her. She would have to get written permissions from her daughter for that to happen. Finally, the daughter was able to speak to the clinic where some asshole told her she had HPV, which was the virus that is linked to cervical cancer! What do you think this 16 year old heard? She heard she had cancer and lost her mind! Who wouldn’t? She called her mom at work sobbing hysterically. Can you blame the kid? Had her mom been able to get this info and all related facts she could have sat her daughter down and explained things in a way that would not have cause such emotional upset.

I am not saying that little children having sex and getting pregnant isn’t something to be concerned about. I am saying what happened to advising the parents so they can a.) talk, b.) get the kid into counseling if that is what is needed or c.) any other logical solution. What happened to parents being allowed to be parents?

I am held accountable for my kids until they are 18 if they do something wrong. But the Government has no problem taking my parental responsibilities away when it comes to my kid’s reproductive health. That is BULLSHIT!

This is why I keep saying we are on a very slippery slope and have such a problem with Government sticking its nose in my personal life. Give the Goverment more control of healthcare... slippery, slippery slope!


Rich said...

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I can't say it enough.

Dear Prudence said...

I hear ya Rich! Unfortunately it isn't just about public schools it is the whole "Confidentiality" crap!

zirelda said...

Save us from ourselves please. Bull....

I saw it on the news this morning and told my daughter she better not need BC in middle school. She said why, will it kill me? I said, no but I will.

Honestly what a load.

Kate Isis said...

I can't say i approve of an 11 year old being given contraceptives without counselling and parental notification. However kids will be kids and sadly the things we used to do at 16 and 18 are now being done at 12 and 14. I've seen quite a few mothers under the age of 14, its scary that children are having children but it is happening. And it can be contagious.
The child with the hpv, badly handled. You don't give that kind of information over the phone. Why couldn't they have called her out of class and explained her results in a way that gave her all of the information and options?

And Rich, private schools doesn't mean a better class of kid, just a luckier class of kid, and just as susceptible to teenage problems.

M.Benaut said...

Thirty six years ago, I was pregnant at 15 (nearly 16) and that was before there were explicit sex scenes on TV. In my case, it was an accident that was the result of ignorance.
That's hardly the case now when sex education is taught in schools in Australia at an early age. I think the age of consent at 16 is right but some and by no means all children will start earlier. The confidentiality thing is difficult - but there are some kids whose parents, perhaps with different cultural backgrounds, would literally do them serious harm and those kids needs to be protected. In Australia, highschool girls below age 18 are being vaccinated against HPV.
Good for your for looking out for your children, P. Personally I think the privacy laws should only apply at age 18.
xxx Mme B.

dive said...

Right on, Prudence.

I'm with Mme. B. on this one.
Though having been a teenage boy and knowing whereof I speak, if I were in charge I would keep all boys between the ages of ten and say, thirty-seven in small, sterile boxes well away from any girls.

Rich said...

Pru, Confidentiality is needed when it come to our privacy concerning health isssues but at the same time I think minors should be exempt from this.

I recently went to the hospital ER (after Mr. no speak A English hit me)and someone in the ER told someone else I know that I was there. NOW i was rather taken back by this. As a health care worker I would NEVER do that. In fact I could be fired if I did.

Maria said...

I'm struggling with this one, mostly because in spirit, I am inclined to agree with you, Prudence. And it is all because I have a child. I want to KNOW exactly what is going on in her life and good hell, could that child with hpv have been handled more stupidly?

But, there is this other side of me, the rational woman who doesn't think emotionally who knows that there are kids out there who aren't as lucky as mine and then...I start to head in a different direction.

So...really splintered on this one.

Scout said...

I think when kids at 11 or 12 are having sex, they really have no idea what they're doing--the emotional ramifications of it or how growing up too fast will affect them later. I point the finger at the parents here because so many of them are blind to their children. Raising these kids is left up to the schools, but we have tied their hands in so many ways. There is no easy answer.

Old Knudsen said...

Being hooses of education schools are pretty stupid places, I blame the parents, teachers, Pat Robertson and Sally Field. It all went doon hill when Margaret Thatcher stopped giving free bottles of milk out at schools.