Friday, October 26, 2007

My 14 Mile Trip To Work

Here is the photo tour of my horrible, boring, uneventful ride to work each day. This is the view standing by my car looking out at the end of my driveway at 7:30am this morning.

Here we go, right turn out of the driveway. Stop at the end of the road (just into the fog) and turn right onto the first 7 mile leg of our journey.
This is the Price Farm and has been around for quite some time. It is a rather large dairy farm that is self-sustained. That in itself is great these days. I will tell you, come the heat of mid-August the smell of the composting fertilizer is enough to make your eyes water and sticks with you for a while.

This is Gilmanton 1st Year-Round Library, ever! It is still in the process of being constructed and is completelyfunded by donations. I appreciate that they are keeping up the appearances of the town as a whole by making it look like a barn. A beautiful barn at that!

7 miles of this to go before we reach the 2nd leg of our journey.

My daughter told me once that every time she passes this farm it gives her the creeps. It reminds her of an old plantation and she can almost see slaves in the field. Now there are only a couple of horses.

We have now arrived at what we (the locals) call the Corners. It is properly known as Lower Gilmanton. This is the Baptist Church that was erected in 1826. I think it is simply (simple) beautiful. I also took it through my window so the colors are off! Yes, I was being lazy.

This is the Historic Temperance Tavern. Dive it is still for sale and now the price has been reduced!

This is our Town Hall. Where they steal $4,000.00/yr from me in property tax! Good thing I like the architecture of the building. I did get out of the car for this shot and it has not been altered. I think the blue is the reflection of the sky off the pure white, fresh paint. Kind of cool.

This is the beginning of the second 7 miles to work. Sucks I know!

This is the house that is behind the fence above. If I could pick one place I would like to live this would be it. I like the way it feels.

A bit further and you run into a cute little gathering of old homes. The one sitting behind the fence is the home of Parsonage Day Lilies. You can imagine thousands of lilies blooming each summer and the fragrance in the air.

In that little picket fence is one of the several little cemeteries I pass on my way to work. Hey, Kate come on over and dig up a dead guy!

More of the same. Are you bored yet?
Finally, signs of civilization.

This is my exit to work. It is only another 2 or so miles, as the crow flies.

It was a bit foggy this morning as you can tell.

This is just on the other side of the fog.

This is on the downhill side of that hill in the previous picture. Usually on a clear day you can see a big part of the Presidential Mountain Range and it is breathtaking.

A bit further around the bend and a bit clearer.

Back down into the fog. Just past where you can not see, the road just ends! There have been several times when people miss the signs and end up in the pond that boarders this road.

This is a picture of that pond and the aircraft warning lights they have put in.

Finally the end of the line. Hope you enjoyed your ride and thanks for flying with us.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


Rich said...

wow, do I envy you and your commute. In Some of your photos there was not another car in sight.

M.Benaut said...

What a fantastic place. I love all of the beautiful scenery and neat buildings. I think you're very clever to take all these shots while driving, P. And, I'm with all of the other girls - nothing beats the change of seasons - and hot flashes in the tropics would be awful.

XXX Mme Benaut

savannah said...

what a great ride and beautiful, sugar! i should do one around savannah like that but walking. i forget just how pretty this place really is and your ride to work just reminded me how i take my surroundings for granted.

Maria said...

Well, boy howdy that beats the hell out of my commute which is straight down a busy street on to the interstate....

God, the colors are gorgeous....but I imagine that drive could get pretty treacherous in the winter, yes?

dive said...

Now THAT'S what I call fall colours!
Woohoo, Prudence! What a beautiful place to live and work.
The town hall shot is amazing; even the clouds seem to have arranged themselves for you. Brilliant.
And I'm still tempted by the Temperance Tavern, though I hate lawn mowing, so the acre of green is somewhat off-putting.
Every house there seems to be a mansion! Where on earth do you put all of your poor people?
I was going to take some shots around my village but I think I'll go dig a hole and sit in it and sulk instead.

Scout said...

That really is such a beautiful drive. You live in such a beautiful part of the country--I'm jealous, although I don't miss the higher property taxes of the east coast. I get so irritated with people in the midwest who complain about high property taxes--they have no idea.

Rich said...

Scout - you are so right on about the property taxes. Massachusetts has been AKA TAXashusetts.

I still don't know how dive does that sevn hour commute each day.

I love my commute and I have plenty of company.

zirelda said...

Very pretty. But $4,000 a year in property tax? OMG. I pay $461.

Dear Prudence said...

Rich, I is beautiful and sometimes I foget how fortunate I am.

Mme, funny, hot flashes in the tropics! It was an adventure taking some of those shots at 50mph.

Savannah, Please do! I am looking for someplace to move in a few years!

Maria, winter is why they invented studded snow tires! Slap those puppies on and you can go anywhere.

Dive, have you taken the bag off your head yet? We do have areas that are not as affluent and these pictures seem. However, even then it isn't as bad as all that. We do not really have slums up here. Perhaps that is why my view of things is usually so rosy!?

Robyn, we really need a different solution to fund education. (the real reason taxes are so high here) It is scary every year as to how they will get paid.

Z, The price of living here? Yikes..