Thursday, December 27, 2007

We are a STUPID Country

Pakistan's Bhutto assassinated at rally.

We actually think we have influance over those we negotiate with, support both politically and finacially.



dive said...

Bad news indeed, Prudence.
If you lose teh support of Pakistan at the elections (presuming they're not cancelled now), all you'll have left in the Middle East is Israel and the Saudi royal family, neither of whom I'd want on my side.
All we can do is watch and wait.

Dear Prudence said...

Dive, I really wish America would pull out of everywhere (I mean everywhere) stop all foreign aide, all support of any kind, put up a big fences and let everyone fend for themselves. We have plenty of natural resources over here that we choose not to go after. That is my Holiday wish.

savannah said...

watching & waiting is the scary part! pru is right we are a stupid country and for more reason sthan most of us even realise!

(happy new year, sugar, it HAS TO GET BETTER)

Maria said...

Wow, and I actually agree for a change.

I am liking this a LOT.

We are a very stupid lot and the whole business of foreign wheeling and dealing is getting way out of hand.

M.Benaut said...

Yes and I agree with you too Prudence. The strange thing is that Governments the western world over seem to have stopped listening to their people. Sadly I think that the horse has bolted and unfortunately none of us know where the galloping will leave us all. (kind of a stupid metaphor - sorry!)
Our troops will be out of Baghdad by August 2008 according to our new PM.
The terribly sad thing about Benazir is that she was such a strong force for Democracy. Unfortunately for her, her country has been out of control for so long that she had forgotten how incredibly dangerous it was for her to return. She tempted fate and lost.

It's New Year's Day here already so Happy New Year anyway. We can only wish for some global sanity and hope that it happens.
xxx Mme B xxx

dive said...

I'm with Mme.
Stupid or not, it's 2008.
Let's try to make it better.
Happy New Year, Prudence!!!!!

David said...

Your leaders are not so much stupid as arrogant and blind. Not having an empire would be the best thing for America and I'd like that.

dive said...

Hey, Prudence!
New Hampshire primaries are all over the news here, so where's my favourite Republican's post on the subject?

Maria said...

By the way, Prudence...I am going to be watching your blog closely to see just what you think of all the candidates raining down on New Hampshire...

I live on the border of Iowa and boy howdy, we were raining politicians for a long time. We went to see a few speakers and even took Liv. It was enlightening. I am anxious to hear your take on it all....