Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Occasionally You See The Face of Humanity

Last evening I made my usual stop at the grocery store on my way home from work. It seems that everyday there is something that turns up empty or low in the pantry and fridge. Some of you know how it is with teenagers in the house. We consume (not me mind you) on average a gallon of milk a day! Let’s not talk about the 3-4 boxes of cereal, cartons of frozen waffles and peanut butter. Tonights stop is for paper towels and trash bags, so far! Anyway, as I wandered around the isles of the grocery store I noticed at one of the registers a small gathering of people. One young man was on a cell phone, two or three others were standing near him and looking at the isle between two of the registers. As I got closer I could see Kim, one of the regular cashiers and the front-end manager. Kim is always making small talk; she is full of life and has the most amazing, blazing red hair. She was kneeling on the floor cradling an old man in her arms. His head was leaning in the crook of her arm with the rest of him sprawled on the floor. He was ashy, breathing shallow and speaking very softly. Kim was speaking to him and also to an elderly lady who appeared to be his wife. The ambulance arrived and they determined they would take him to the hospital. I was in the check out as this was going on. I watched as one of the EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technician-for my British Friends) spoke to his wife. Anyone who watches people often can read things on peoples faces that most people never notice. As this EMT asked the wife for his date of birth, medical history etc. I watched her relive moments of her life with him making it difficult for her to focus on what the EMT was asking her. They brought in the stretcher and because of his location between the isles, they asked if he thought he could stand. He nodded, but with his eyes closed and his breath a bit labored. One of the other EMT’s tried to get into the isle to help but Kim waved him off and helped him up by herself. Kim is no taller than 5 feet and just a bit of a woman. She walked with him to the stretcher, asked him his name, told him she would pray for him and kissed him on the very top of his head. It is important to notice this type of thing. The norm seems to be to go about your everyday noticing only the assholes that you have to deal with. Usually it is because they are in your face or in your space. It is nice when you are treated to a bit of humanity.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Man, His Penis and Barry Manilow?

Honey,This one's for you!

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Now who says it isn't cute?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whose Knuckles are Draggin?

I’ve not much time but did want to address not just Dive but also Maria’s post of today, from a slightly different perspective.

“Right-wingers are evolutionarily retarded.” “exposure to anything remotely advanced in the way of evolutionary traits such as individual freedom, civil rights, women's rights, workers' rights, social empathy, sharing, sexual freedom, charity (I mean real charity, not tax write-offs) … causes them to band together, bare their fangs and screech like the frightened apes they are.” “It exists outside their scared little group and must be pathologically hated and feared in that it doesn't embrace the right-wing group ethos of sexist misogyny, bigotry, racism, homophobia, greed, profiteering, warmongering, religious intolerance and pathetic bunker mentality …”

A lot of the people on the “right” believe in GOD. It’s a belief system Dive, whether you think it is right or wrong. With that belief system comes some basic rules for living ones life in the manner of Christ. You know this because you have mentioned the Beatitudes in a previous comment on my blog. Most individuals who have this belief system also know enough to believe what they believe and let GOD sort it all out in the end. “Judge not lest you be judged”. It is how I choose to live. Do I have a 100% track record? No, I am human and in that we are faulty. If taken that ALL people have the right to believe whatever they choose, how can you fault anyone for those beliefs? How can any “enlightened” individual sling nasty monikers at anyone? If in fact those who believe in all those traits you malign the right for not believing in are move evolved, why the rant?

There are injustices against one group or another served up all over the planet every hour of every day. You cannot lump an entire political group into the adjectives you described above. It’s not fair. America is not all of those ugly things. There are many decent, tolerant people who live here and vote Republican but like anything else the negative gets the most coverage!

I can say that many problems arise with these issues because those of us who do have a Divine belief system get tired of being told what we can or cannot believe by those who hold different views. We are told over and over through protest marches, legislative doings and the media that it is us who are in the wrong and we must change. Sure there are fanatics out there who make a bad name for us, but they are a small % of the group.
I might suggest that we are becoming the minority and perhaps it is time that we file for “minority status” so we can become a protected group and Hate Speech can be then addressed for what it is from this side of the issues! Belief is an individual freedom. We are forced to accept things in the public sector that goes against those beliefs and we are expected to shut up about it otherwise we are sexist, bigots, and homophobes. How is it that “we” must be tolerant but those who live lifestyles we may not agree with don’t have to be? Big deals are made of redneck, homophobes etc but seldom do I see it coming from this side. Mostly I hear rants, pointing fingers and hurling insults coming from the supposedly more evolved side of the fence. Seems a bit two faced doesn’t it? If you believe you are more evolved because you believe in individual freedoms in all aspects of existence, why do you point a finger at anyone else that believes differently from you? Because I may not believe how you believe it somehow makes me less of an evolved person? You rant about non-tolerance but you are not tolerant of those who don’t believe as you do.

Perhaps your knuckles are still draggin brother!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The New Hampshire Primary According to Prudence

Ok you asked for it. Here is Dear Prudence’s take on the Primary and those who are trying to woo me.

First of all let me say that I am a registered Independent. I like that about our State. As you have all heard “We” are the ones everyone is clambering to impress. So far, not so impressed. There have been political adds running here since last winter. It is just an annoyance. How long can you really pay attention when it is rammed down your throat for over a year? If I see Hillbillery on my television screen one more time I will toss it out the freakn’ window.

Saturday night was a creature double feature here in NH with a Republican debate followed by the Democrat debate. Yes I made it through the Repubs before the last of the wine kicked in and told me to go to bed. However, even sober I would not have watched the Dems because of the deep-seated distain for the “smartest woman on the earth”. I am sick of hearing about her 35 years of experience. That is such a load of shit.

But I digress; here is Dear Prudence’s take on Politics in New Hampshire, USA

Let’s start with Republicans

Huckabee-Twofaced, Bible Thumpin’, lying, dirt slinging as usual Politician. He can say what he wants about being an outsider, check his record on clemency sure looks like the norm to me. I dislike anyone who uses their faith as a tool to persuade and delude people.

McCain- He is a Liberal in Republican clothing. He was the Co-Author of the Amnesty Bill that the citizens’ of this country said no to.

Mitt Romney-He is the former Gov. of our next-door neighbor, Massachusetts or as we in NH like to call it Taxachusetts. He and I agree on many issues and I do like the fact he isn’t really a Washington boy and that he has actual business experience. After all America is one big business.

Fred Thompson- He shouldn’t have stopped acting cuz the real guy is a bore. He has no chance and will be done by South Carolina. He had nothing to add to the entire debate. Not even a funny line.

Rudy-Well he did fine while he held NY together after 9/11 but that is all that is coming through. Yes he is very vocal about Illegal Immigration and I am with him on it, however, he is running an add here that could be used as a movie trailer. It contains nothing but scare tactics to trick voters into thinking tomorrow the world is coming to an end and it is all Muslims that are going to make it happen. It is really quite scary to watch and the way is shot and how they used background music to add to the hysteria.

Ron Paul-He was at least amusing. He is off his freakn nut but has the right idea on minding our own business and fixing our economic infrastructure- but he is too “out there” for anyone to take seriously. I do agree with him on many points- here are a few
Would you roll back tax cuts that were supported by the Bush administration?
No. I would seek to broaden the tax cuts by pressuring Congress to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment and permanently end the income tax, and I would also seek the end of any taxes not expressly authorized by the Constitution, including the death tax and payroll taxes. My administration will work with Congress to end the IRS.

Should the federal government have a role in seeking an end to poverty? What would you do, specifically, to deal with poverty?
The misguided federal 'War on Poverty' has proven disastrous to our nation. Federal intervention only resulted in more poverty, as the welfare rolls grew while employment shrank and mothers were encouraged to have children out-of-wedlock because the more children they had, the bigger the check they got from the federal government. I propose getting the federal government out of the way of private charities and institutions that wish to deal with the impoverished, and I want to end federal regulations and subsidies that restrict businesses, discourage renovation and expansion, and further the plight of the poor. Eliminating many taxes and regulations will allow businesses to hire more workers, and make it easier for impoverished areas to be renovated with private and corporate money. True compassionate conservatism means letting individuals, churches, and other groups, not indifferent federal bureaucracies, provide help.

Do you support the No Child Left Behind program? Why or why not?
"No. No Child Left Behind leaves all children behind by tying the hands of teachers and encouraging them to teach to the test instead of educating their students. It only more deeply involves the federal government in controlling schools and children's lives.

I would bet he will fade out after tomorrow. Just wish it was wrapped in a tighter package!

So as you can see I am not wooed by any Republicans so much that I have made up my mind.

Now for the Dems

Hillbillery- Guess you don’t need to ask my opinion. Any woman who would continue to stand by her MAN while he behaves the way he does deserves NO RESPECT or my vote, in my humble opinion. Beside think about this.. if “SHE” were to get in and stay for 2 terms we would have 24 years of Bush/Clinton. Who in their right mind who actually is looking for CHANGE would want to go down that road. Talk about Washington Insiders!

John Edwards- He is the other canidate for CHANGE just ask him. Of course he started that mantra after Barack got going. He claims he is not one of them. He is all about being different from the rest but did you know -"Edwards home totaling 28,200 square feet of connected space. The main house is 10,400 square feet and has two garages. The recreation building, a red, barn-like building containing 15,600 square feet, is connected to the house by a closed-in and roofed structure of varying widths and elevations that totals 2,200 square feet. The main house is all on one level except for a 600-square-foot bedroom and bath area above the guest garage. The carbon footprint of his home is the same as roughly 28 Habitat for Humanity homes." Wonder howmay carbon offsets he's bought since he built that mansion? None I bet! Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with him spending his money the way he wants but Do as I say, not as I do has never sat well with me. He is more of the SAME.

Gravel, Richardson and Kucinich are not worth getting into as they will be pulling out soon.

That leaves you know who-Obama. He is definitely charismatic, carries himself well and does not seem to be One of the Boys. “From the beginning, we've run this campaign the right way -- without negative attacks or distortions, without taking money from Washington lobbyists or PACs, and without listening to the cynics who said it couldn't be done.” That is the truth. Not one negative attack add, at least as I have seen. I would like to vote for him for those reasons. Perhaps it is new blood we need but I am afraid the usual Washington pack of hyenas will eat him up in his 1st 100 days. It would be nice to think about “Vertical Politics” and not the usual party dogma. Although he is talking raising taxes and letting ILLEGAL immigrants stay, is he the lesser of all evils?

So, I guess until I walk into that booth and close the curtain and I am still unsure. You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Yes I will tell you. I am not of my parents’ generation where it was a big secrete.