Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh Boy... I am really a GUY!!???



M.Benaut said...

Can you sing like him too? I LOVE some of his songs and, some say, he sings like a GIRL!
xxx Mme Benaut xx

dive said...

"At least it's not Manilow" … Hee hee, Prudence.
What's wrong with Neil Sedaka? He wrote some great songs.
I'll be singing "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" all the way in to London now.
Luckily, cracking up is easy to do and this cracked me up.
Cheers, Prudence!

Maria said...

No. I think you look more like Doris Day. I always loved the way she looked, I STILL wish that I could look like her, all wholesome and "get over and kiss me" at the same time...

You and I have the exact same hair style except that I am nearly all gray.

And blue is your color.

Dear Prudence said...

Mme, I like some of his stuff too. I can sing but it may sound more like a bag full of kittens.

Dive, I thought you would get a kick out the Manilow comment. Glad to tickle your funny bone.

Maria, Thanks! Funny story; I have an old flame that if circumstances were different I guess we would rekindle, so to speak. But he called me the other night to tell me he actually had a "wet dream" about me (he is 51)and in his dream I looked up at him an that “look” is what "did" it for him. I have often been told that I possess that "come hither" look. I don't see it of course. Blue and hot pink seem to be the best shades for me.

Rich said...

oH I totally dig Neil Sadaka - I wish I looked like him. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha