Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whose Knuckles are Draggin?

I’ve not much time but did want to address not just Dive but also Maria’s post of today, from a slightly different perspective.

“Right-wingers are evolutionarily retarded.” “exposure to anything remotely advanced in the way of evolutionary traits such as individual freedom, civil rights, women's rights, workers' rights, social empathy, sharing, sexual freedom, charity (I mean real charity, not tax write-offs) … causes them to band together, bare their fangs and screech like the frightened apes they are.” “It exists outside their scared little group and must be pathologically hated and feared in that it doesn't embrace the right-wing group ethos of sexist misogyny, bigotry, racism, homophobia, greed, profiteering, warmongering, religious intolerance and pathetic bunker mentality …”

A lot of the people on the “right” believe in GOD. It’s a belief system Dive, whether you think it is right or wrong. With that belief system comes some basic rules for living ones life in the manner of Christ. You know this because you have mentioned the Beatitudes in a previous comment on my blog. Most individuals who have this belief system also know enough to believe what they believe and let GOD sort it all out in the end. “Judge not lest you be judged”. It is how I choose to live. Do I have a 100% track record? No, I am human and in that we are faulty. If taken that ALL people have the right to believe whatever they choose, how can you fault anyone for those beliefs? How can any “enlightened” individual sling nasty monikers at anyone? If in fact those who believe in all those traits you malign the right for not believing in are move evolved, why the rant?

There are injustices against one group or another served up all over the planet every hour of every day. You cannot lump an entire political group into the adjectives you described above. It’s not fair. America is not all of those ugly things. There are many decent, tolerant people who live here and vote Republican but like anything else the negative gets the most coverage!

I can say that many problems arise with these issues because those of us who do have a Divine belief system get tired of being told what we can or cannot believe by those who hold different views. We are told over and over through protest marches, legislative doings and the media that it is us who are in the wrong and we must change. Sure there are fanatics out there who make a bad name for us, but they are a small % of the group.
I might suggest that we are becoming the minority and perhaps it is time that we file for “minority status” so we can become a protected group and Hate Speech can be then addressed for what it is from this side of the issues! Belief is an individual freedom. We are forced to accept things in the public sector that goes against those beliefs and we are expected to shut up about it otherwise we are sexist, bigots, and homophobes. How is it that “we” must be tolerant but those who live lifestyles we may not agree with don’t have to be? Big deals are made of redneck, homophobes etc but seldom do I see it coming from this side. Mostly I hear rants, pointing fingers and hurling insults coming from the supposedly more evolved side of the fence. Seems a bit two faced doesn’t it? If you believe you are more evolved because you believe in individual freedoms in all aspects of existence, why do you point a finger at anyone else that believes differently from you? Because I may not believe how you believe it somehow makes me less of an evolved person? You rant about non-tolerance but you are not tolerant of those who don’t believe as you do.

Perhaps your knuckles are still draggin brother!


dive said...

Thank you, Prudence.
You are right and my knuckles do indeed seem kinda scraped this evening.
As I learned from both Robyn and yourself a while back, the only parts of the American right (and especially the Christian right) that get coverage in the news over here are the tiny minority of imbeciles who give every decent Christian and Republican a bad name; such as the God Hates Fags brigade whose disgusting antics desecrate the funerals of American servicemen (we actually had two documentaries on them in one week, balanced by nothing at all about people like Robyn, who are good Christians and attend church every week and are anything but bigoted).

As you know, I let "Dive" loose on easy targets, writing hypocritical, facetious rants for comic effect, and for anyone outside the States, Maria's sexist, racist "I'm a Mitt man" creepy stalker brings to mind all the prejudices we have about that tiny minority of Americans.

So yes, please slap me down when I get childishly carried away with my pointing and giggling and shooting fish in a barrel for laughs.
I know I can count on you for balance and a kick in the butt when I ask for it.
Prudence, you are one of the main reasons I much prefer talking to my political and religious opposites than to my lefty pals. You stimulate and educate and I couldn't do without you.
Thanks again for the reminder.

Dear Prudence said...

You are welcome Dive. I hope that I help dissuade some of the media myths of the real folks in America! It makes me angry when blatant distortion is taken as fact and perpetuated. I actually received that same email about Barack Obama that you mentioned. I am smart enough to do the research and immediately replied to all those on the email list with the facts of that myth.

dive said...

And I'm somewhat ashamed that I still go for easy laughs when I know the truth is completely different, Prudence.
The Obama email would be hilarious if it were not for the fact that some people will believe it (a mutual friend's mother received it and had to be put right on the matter).
And the media bias is a real shame. They know that they can sell a sensationalist documentary about a tiny extremist group far more profitably than a documentary about good citizens attending church, and that sucks.
Thanks again.

Maria said...

Well, damn....I was talking about one guy. I'm not ignorant enough to think that he represents all republicans or Mitt supporters.

It was a creepy guy. He acted like a turd. I called him on it.

Maria said...

And don't mean to be argumentative, but you did mention something about "enlightened" people not throwing around "nasty monikers."

What was "Hillbillery"?

Scout said...

Prudence, I bet you feel better now after having had the chance to spout off. You make some valid points.

I don't understand why we equate Republicans with Christians and Democrats with atheists. I suppose we have the defunct Moral Majority to thank for that. A person can believe in God and have liberal political views, just as a person can not believe in God but have conservative political views. I don't think our division of politics or our belief systems are that closely related, but somehow they have gotten all stirred up together.

So what would a politically moderate person believe? maybe I should start my own denomination.

dive said...

"Hillbillery" was hilarious.
That made me laugh so hard, stuff came out my nose.

Maria said...

I confess that it made me laugh too, Dive. You have to be able to laugh at things or you'll end up an old prune.

Dear Prudence said...

Maria, I did not intend any offense or to insinuate that you were lumping all people together in your post of yesterday. I was very busy yesterday and did not get a chance to agree with you on your post that this guy was just a creep on all levels not just his “moral” views. So, for that missed timing to your post I do apologize. I might have rubbed that baggy full of doggy doo you had in your pocket all over him! How do you like me now mister?!

The Hillbillery comment was to point out the fact that there is no SHE without HE (see my comments from that post). It was not intended as a nasty moniker, at least not in my opinion. Being called homophobic, racist or bigot is what I would call a nasty. But hey, opinions differ that’s what makes us individuals!

Robyn, it isn’t really about feeling better. It is just to help balance the flawed perception of America in general. At least that is what I was aiming at.

dive said...

The perception of America is truly flawed over here, Prudence.
Everybody in Europe likes to kick America when it's down. But we only get to hear half the story on TV. It's only with the help of you and Robyn that I am beginning to see through all the biased and sensationalist press coverage.
Keep it up and one day I might get it right.

Dear Prudence said...

Oh, my LEFTY friend you will never be RIGHT!