Friday, February 1, 2008

Sometimes I am Smucking Fart!

As you all have figured out by my posts on music, I spend a lot of time listening to many things. Since I have met Dive, even more so! I finally figured out how to put an audio stream on my blog. I have selected 45 songs that make me smile, cry, giggle, scream out loud, well you get the picture. I will change them up when I can. I hope you enjoy.

PS.. that lovely old man is fine. He just had a low blood sugar issue!


dive said...

Woohoo, Smartypants!
It even works on my Mac!
Nice one!
I flicked through a few (all excellent) and have just listened to Neil Young singing "One of These Days" as you put me in a Neil mood with your comment on my post today.


Oh, and I've ordered the Shelby Lynne, too. You were right, as always.

Dear Prudence said...

YEA! I would say that 3/4 of the Shelby cover album is worth listening to.

The moment I read you post today that song started playing in my head.

Maria said...

John Martyn.....yes, very smooth.

dive said...

Dammit. I'm getting hooked on Radio Prudence.
That new Van Morrison track's a doozy.

Dear Prudence said...

Glad we found some more common ground Maria!

Dive, someone sent that to me on a mix made just for me. I had not heard it till then and oh boy.. it is a doozy! New, nope, it is from 1978 from the album titled the same.

dive said...

Yup. I ordered it on the strength of Radio Prudence. You should get royalties.
Favourite Van track of all time: In The Days Before Rock and Roll, off Enlightenment.

Rich said...

Cool -that dive is one brainy guy and he plays a mean guitar.

Anonymous said...

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M.Benaut said...

Haven't worked out the song list yet and it's too early to start playing music as M.B is still asleep after a very late night blogging but as for the old man - that's great that he's okay.
Happy Sunday Prudence!
xxx Mme B xxx

Scout said...

what a great idea, Pru. I'll give a listen when I have a little more time.