Friday, June 13, 2008

To My Daughter -Milestones

I will be leaving the office today, in fact in 20 minutes to start the preparations for my daughter’s next milestone. Tomorrow at 10:00 am she will be graduating from High School. Not so long ago I was dropping her off at the sitters for the first time and later meeting said sitter at the hospital because her big brother had left the cellar door open and she had taken a terrible tumble down the cellar stairs in her walker. Oh, many tears I must say. Fortunately there were not any long-term scars or worse from her trip.

Then it was the first day on the school bus. Watching her in her little dress trying to climb up on that 1st big step was hard. I had wanted a little girl and the Midwife and my mom, who was an OBGYN Nurse both, insisted she was a he. HA HA! to them.

Then all the woes of High School, boyfriends- “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps” driving miles to AAU basketball games and pick up from late night dances. Sometimes I truly believed she hated me. The drivers license and speeding ticket fiasco and now it is all in the past.

She is a very bright spot in my life, heart and soul. She and I have gotten very close over that last year. Closer than I ever expected or hoped, you know how teenagers are. She shares a lot with me now and we hang with each other and really enjoy each other. I am so proud of her. She managed to complete all her required credits (and then some) and has officially been out of school since March. She is still waffling about what she wants to do but that will come.

Today and tomorrow I will just savor her achievements and glow with love and admiration.

Congratulations Haleigh! YOU DID IT!!

Love MOM.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's My Birthday, It's My Birthday

Dear Blog Pals,
I can't believe it's been a year already since I talked about being "Five Years From Fifty". It has been quite a year indeed. I really don't have time to do a year in review right now but I will be back tomorrow and fess up. I will have a glass of Cab Sav for each of you this evening to be sure!

I will leave you with a two pictures.
This one you have seen before of the beautiful, sleeping, sweet new baby Seamus when I first brought him home.
This one is last week's welcome home from the same sweet, DEVIL! That's the stuffing from one of the pillows on my couch!

Good Night All!