Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two of My Favorite "Things"

Today is a great day if you ask me. Go ahead ask me why. Ok, I will tell you, today Lindsay Buckingham came out with a new CD, Gift of Screws. It is similar to his 2006 release Under the Skin, in a few instances. Time Precious Time is very much like Not Too Late (2006) in it's picking style and crescendos, but hey if you stop and picture that beautiful man stroking each string effortlessly making that guitar writhe in ever increasing adulation, hell it is easily forgiven Bel Air Rain from Screws and Shut Us Down from Skin are similar as well. Did You Miss Me is a very nice track as is Love Runs Deeper. Gift of Screws the title song is pretty rockin’ a bit B-52ish if you listen close. I like it when Lindsey makes animal noises. All in all, it’s a good effort for his second CD in as many years. I will take anything that man has to offer. "Lindsay

Secondly, another favorite of mine, Ray Lamontange a native of Maine who has only been on the world radar since 2004 with his debut CD Trouble (which I bought the day after hearing the title track) is finally set to release his third CD Gossip In The Grain in October. His single, You Are The Best Thing is catchy, upbeat but with Ray’s unmistakable gravely intonations. I am very anxious to get my hands on this gem. His second CD Till The Sun Turns Black, was just that… black and very, very soulful almost cavernous in it’s ability to suck you into it’s depths. I already have enough trouble keeping up my sunny disposition so I wasn’t too thrilled with this CD. I am hoping that this new CD follows suit in its emotional journey from the single. "Ray LaMontange

A bit of trivia about Mr. LaMontange.. he became a singer because of Stephen Stills and his song Tree Top Flyer. It was hearing that song one night that made him decide to take up the guitar and sing. Thanks Stephen for lighting this man on fire.

Go ahead and take a listen I think you will like both.