Monday, April 6, 2009


Each morning as I head to work and each night on my way back home I pass this certain spot. I have been watching with amazement and little girl giddiness as they progress in their effort to build and remodel this and that around their home each day. I muse of their busyness and work weary little hands. They toil relentlessly trying to make sure the each piece of the landscape is just so for themselves and their little ones. They do all this in the middle of the night with only the stars and sometime the moon to illuminate their task. Each morning I see how busy they have been the night before. What perseverance it must take to keep-on-keeping-on! They do, night after night. They must, they are parents, a husband, a wife who have loved ones to provide for and to protect. To give them shelter and sustenance. There is always work to do when you have a family. I try to keep this thought for myself and apply it to my own days and nights. (When the radio in your car doesn’t work you have a lot of time to think! Just try to keep clear of the voices.)

Then one morning you wake up, head out the door like every other morning for the last few months and as you round the corner THIS is what you see....

Maria had left me a comment back in March that she misses my posts…

I am afraid this kind of sums up how the last 4 months of my life has been. So, until I can pull myself out of my funk and things start to turn around I just can’t. Life seems futile at times. This is one of those times and I am having a hard time shaking it.
I do stop by and visit each of you and try to comment when I can. I will continue to do so. I really enjoy being part of this special little group and look forward each day to catching up with all of you.