Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Sharing

May 29, 2009 was my parents 50th wedding anniversary. As is customary with a milestone of this magnitude most families would have had a big hurrah for this great event. Most families is not what we are. As most of you know my dad has Alzheimer's as did his dad. We have a photograph of my grand parents on their 50th anniversary and at that time we were just beginning to hear about the difficulties my Noni was having with my Big Pa. Looking at the photograph now, knowing what was brewing you can see the difference in cognition in his eyes. When we, myself and my brothers started discussing what might work, my mother was included as she is really NOT a big fan fare type of person. She simply stated that she didn't want a picture of them like "THAT". No big party, a small cookout with only family would surf ice. So, that is what we did. Three hours of celebrating for 50 years of dedication. Somehow it seems piddly and so very insignificant for the sacrifice and devotion my parents have given not only to their three children but also to their blood and marriage-included grandchildren.
So, I wrote this for them, printed it and had it framed-of course it took three frames.
It made my mom cry in front of people which pissed her off and my dad laugh in a spot or two.
Just thought I would share so you all wouldn't think I have left the planet. Sorry it is long and you all know I have no grammar skills!

Mom and Dad
Five decades now have sang their song
Some years seemed quick and some were long
From a chance meeting one day on the street
Grew a great love, so strong and so sweet
Each year has brought change to both their lives
He her husband and She his wife

Their journey together had just began
When off to Huntsville they both ran
He to serve our great nation
And in those first years came a new “Creation”
They named him Paul, their first born son
From that day on he was the One
A few years there and home they came
They’d make a life where the streets were the same
The same as they ran when first they met
Where their family ties were strong and set.

He worked in a shop to support his new wife
She in the Halls helping bring forth new life
Friends were made and life went fast
In another year, a new chapter cast
A baby girl, they name her Leslie
Her Big Pa John became quite testy
He did not like the name they picked
But she won him over lickity split

They found a new home with room for four
On top of a hill but still close to the shore
Between both of the Grand Parents this little house sat
With them close by, they helped with this and with that
In no time at all that house was a home
They all settled in and the kids could roam

Life had it’s own rhythm, it’s ebb and it’s flow
The kids getting older, teeth now out in a row
The kids went to school, they played down the street
Then came the day a new sibling they’d meet
It was boy, his name was Jason
Now off to the doctor, daddy did hasten.
Three kids is enough the house grew much tighter
So they’d pack off to the Camp where the air was much lighter

They spent summers at camp where the children could play
And a big fuzzy puppy joined the family one day
Sugar, dear Sugar was that sweet puppy’s name
They hugged her and kissed her, they pulled till she came
She followed the kids and kept them from harm
Each night she’d curl up in one of their arms.

Now a family of five with a Nonie and Nanny and Pas Big and Little
This family was growing, busting out in the middle
The City grew scary, no place for the kids
So off to the country they moved, yes they did.

No home for some months and kids starting school
They both wondered if they’d been taken for fools.
The house finally ready with moving day here
Again thoughts of doubt filled their hearts with great fear
It rained and it rained down the living room wall
And the sides of the house were going to fall.

With strength and with courage they worked long and hard
And the kids, they grew taller than the weeds in the yard.
Not just for the country did they all move
You see He had a new job that was set to improve
Improve their lives and their ways to enjoy,
The growing up of their girl and their boys

Years spent working and the land he did tend
Made him quite happy, him and his friend
Together they planted rows of green beans
The corn stalks grew tall, the kids can’t be seen
Turkeys and chickens were also the rage
Many of them often escaping their cage

Years flitted fast and His mind kept on moving
His name will live on in the Hall –Patent Pending
The children now older and heading off in all directions
She grew more restless looking at life’s reflections
To fulfill a deep need, a want, a desire
Magna Cum Laude is to what she'd aspire.
Fulfill it she did with much strength and devotion
What she has learned there could now fill an ocean.

Work for him ended but fiddle he did
Making memories and goodies for each of his kids
Furniture, houses and boxes he built
Never stopping to notice His legacy quilt.
She found her joy, her peace, her desire
For many a year her job was her fire

Marriages, births, divorces and deaths
It happened it seems in just a few breaths
Grand Children are here, now you’re Pa and Granny
Where not long ago there was a Pa and a Nanny

Life moves so quickly, not stopping, not caring
Moving swiftly in swaths of life as it’s tearing
Parents are lost but never forgotten
Children are spoiled, some cute and some rotten
They’ve loved each of them not matter their stage
It just gets a little bit harder with age

Fifty years had gone by in the blink of an eye
Then again it depends what you see, from what side


dive said...

Oh, Prudence; that's just beautiful!
I just read it through twice with lots of smiles and just the hint of a tear.
That's quite an adventure your parents have had.
They must be as proud of you as you are of them.

Who needs a big party when there are the three of you gathered around to celebrate them?

Many congratulations on your first fifty years, Mom and Dad!

Dear Prudence said...

Thank Dive, although now I feel a bit embarrassed with your effusion Katherine’s REAL Poetry.... LOL

Shan said...

So lovely Prudence. I know they feel so honored knowing you have written this for them. I'm sorry your dad is suffering from such a difficult disease. It is no small feat that they have made it 50 years together let alone with such a health challenge involved. Congrats to your family and to you on such a nice tribute.

I was thinking the other day how I hadn't seen you around lately. Take care Pru! :)

MmeBenaut said...

Just beautiful indeed! I can just imagine how absolutely thrilled your folks must have been to have been so honoured. Lovely, Prudence. What a fantastic daughter you are.