Thursday, June 10, 2010



My youngest son Ethan has passed, as of noon time today, all of his requirments and will be marching with his class on Saturday to receive his High School Diploma.

This is one proud, exhausted and giddy MOM!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Please Fasten Your Seatbelts

“Sure, I’d love to see your record collection”, Prudence said as she took another long pull of the long neck and let that liquid courage spill down her throat. She mostly meant it but it was mostly beer doing the talking. How long had it been since she’d been in a bar and how long since she had made herself available to be “picked up”? Thirteen years, if her beer soaked brain was working correctly. That’s a long time to “keep” your self for someone, who in the end never showed. Her head kept playing that Brandi Carlile song, “Someday Never Comes”. She had memorized every word to that song she had played it so much and now she was starting to second guess her ability to follow through on tonight’s plan. He smiled at her as he walked across the room towards her, cowboy hat and all. This east coast transplant was more comfortable in a nightclub in Boston was letting a cowboy pick her up in a honky-tonk in Oklahoma and take her home.

Prudence thought of all that had happened in the last year. Her youngest graduated high school and had landed a pretty sweet job. Her oldest had his first baby, now starting an adventure of his own and her daughter moved into her own apartment. The nest was empty, her mothering job finally finished, at least the biggest part. Now it was time to focus her attention on herself for the first time in seventeen years. The kids were just 8, 4 and 3 when she divorced their dad, moving them all into a 12x48, 1976 mobile home. Sacrifice became the new norm those first few years. She sacrificed time with them to start a new career that demanded 12-hour days to provide for the second income that was also sacrificed in the divorce. Her parents sacrificed afternoons for pick up, delivery, homework and bath time for their grandchild. But in the last seventeen years she had more than made up for the rough start. A custom built home, an income that exceed the two-income household they had left and now, all of them grown, graduated and working towards their own futures.

She didn't realized they had made it out of the bar until she was standing outside. The sky had opened up, clearing the air briefly of the humidity that she had come to hate since arriving in Oklahoma. He asked her to wait at the door while he went and got his ride. A gentleman, well hopefully not too much of one, she giggled to herself. Then it hit her, that moment of realization. The last 13 years of her life had been spent without any physical contact, if you know what I mean. Did it just come back, you know like riding a bike? She wondered what kind of pickup he drove? Cowboys and pickups, right? That’s when a fully restored, two door, two toned blue and cream, 1955 Chevy Bel Air, V-8 pulled up to the curb. Rumbling almost as loud as her pulse. The passenger door swung open, and a strong hand was offered, she slid in. She didn’t know where she was headed exactly. Hell, she hadn’t really known that since she left New Hampshire six months ago but if his car was any indication of the ride to come she was going to need a seat belt!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Mothers Day Present for My Sons Beloved

I decided to try and be a little artistic. I took these pictures of Carmen, after of course I bought all the props! Then framed them and delivered them on Mothers Day.
Chelsea, Carmen's mom, cried! Jackpot!

Monday, March 29, 2010

You can call me NANA!

On Friday, 3/26/10 at 5:57pm our family welcomed Carmen Jayne Lutz into our clan.

She weighed 8lbs 1oz and is 21 inches long. My son is beyond beaming and mom and baby are doing great.

She looks just like Cory when he was born.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

And then there were three!

I didn't want to. I had no intention of it. Sometimes the universe just thrusts itself at you and the next thing you know ......

You have Stewart in your life. His mom is the same mom of my oldest Jack Stella. The breeder called me a couple weeks ago and she had discovered through hospitalization and subsequent testing that she is very, very allergic to dogs, cats and horses. All of which she has. So, she called me up and offered him to me.. for FREE, knowing the kind of home he would have. See, that's what I'm saying.... it's the universes fault. He is four months old and the sweetest little man I have ever met. Of course I get to bring him to work! How cool is that. Crazy cat/dog lady!

When Things Went Sideways

It wasn’t a big deal she kept telling herself. It was just hanging out, unwinding. She had a Friday night party every other week when her kids went to see their dad. It was the only personal time she got each month. Every Monday he would ask her what she had done that weekend. A little office banter back and forth, nothing special. For over a month he had been threatening to join the party but had never showed or even asked for directions. Why would he this time? Why did her stomach fold over on itself, origami style?

Rosamond couldn’t wrap her head around it. What the hell was she thinking? She, newly divorce, he was married, she knew better. At least her head did, her gut was another matter. Ok, maybe the part of her that spoke so loudly was a bit south of her gut but in any case she should have her head examined. Yet there was something, electricity, a pull that brought them to the edge and tonight if he showed might well send them hurtling over it.

Five O’clock rolled around; she grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. “Hey, I should be done here around seven, see ya then” he said. “Cool” she managed to spit out, “Shit”, is what her head said. Arrogant was her first impression of this guy; cocky could also sum it up. Handsome, that was in your face, but for her it had to be more. She hadn’t give him a second thought for months but as time went on it seemed they had more in common than she thought. A quick wit and sharp mind was hard for her to ignore. Music another commonality and one that spoke to her deeply. She kept herself occupied with a “toy” she had met a few months ago. A no stings, no questions asked kind of thing, which suited her newly single-mom lifestyle and fulfilled “that” need.

Having changed into something more suitable for a warm July night, she cranked up stereo and popped open a beer. Within the hour the usual suspects arrived. Her best friend and a couple she’d known for several years, her clan. Joints were smoked, stories from the week told and a warm familiar buzz was shared. At 7:05 he pulled up, at 7:06 panic set in.

The evening passed as easily as the joints, the curtains waving in the breeze keeping time to the music. They found themselves alone. She knew she had too much to drink and he needed to leave. She couldn’t remember how he'd ended up at the door. She stood on the landing. "Thanks that was fun” he said. Two steps and her lips coverd his mouth, her body pushing him back against the door. Hands running rampantly, her mind shut off to that now distant voice of reason, “I suppose it would be unprofessional”' said Rosamond, dimpling. She stripped off her shirt and headed down the hall and he was hot on her heels.

To be continued...